Out back or On side….

What I didn’t mention in the last post is that there is an undercover seating area along the side of the cabin with room for a pony no I meant for golf clubs😊
There are a couple of all weather chairs and a small table plus a gratis BBQ
Cooking ‘tools’ are kept inside.

At first glance it looks plain but it’s serviceable and the privacy lattice softens the area, it’s plenty big enough for us two – plus other bits and pieces there’s no room for inside. The esky is the right height to use as a foot rest and that little table isn’t quite large enough for my needs 😌 so the tub makes a great low level ‘whatever you want it to be’

You can just see the cut back gum, the grassy area and the other cabin plus there’s a gravel dividing strip – which is normally where those golf clubs are parked !

Then there’s the square hedge (the gardeners love their square hedges) near the roadway at the other end. Cabin parking is at the front so unfortunately if that cabin is booked and a car is there we get no view

And here’s where I spit the dummy…..no need to read further if you don’t want to 😊

  • Now most of the the cabins would be used by short stay visitors – overnight/ 2-3 days – who possibly aren’t concerned about how much ‘land’ is useable – it’s only during ‘the winter season’ (May – September) that they are booked for several weeks at a time. This year we’ve booked for 11 weeks, leaving the end of the month – some years it’s been less and we’d be leaving just after this weekend.

This is the cabin next door (from my photo archives) – the one we usually get – it’s at the end of the row with van sites beginning on down from there.
The positioning of the boundary wall and the siting of the cabins means there’s much more grassy space behind it, the view through the palms in front is open, not restricted. The whole feel of the place is better
Call me childish, call me silly – the covered area is great when it’s blazing sunshine or raining but like the other day I do like to sit out in the open shade (none of the other long stayers do) and I’ve felt very hard done by this year

After all that I think I need to close my eyes again and remember my aim this year is to
enjoy every moment’ 😎

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  1. “Change” is always a bit difficult or different for sure. Maybe next year you’ll be back in your usual…but will be better.

    We won’t know until next year…


    1. I would just get even. Go book next year now, before you leave. Before the fools in “your” cabin book it for themselves.


  2. Do you have long stay competition for that cabin? Remarkable grass for Queensland, obviously well tended (and lots of water)


  3. Oh, that side area makes a big difference! That would be my choice for hibernation/reading/relaxing. (snoozing, even! LOL) Private, peaceful. Nice.


  4. its a nice small cabin and I like all of it. I agree with the bloggers who said do the next year now. it looks fine to me.


  5. I think that even if you wouldn’t call the rant enjoyable, it made you feel better. Some sites are just not as good as others. I prefer ones in the further most corners so you get two hedges.


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