Spring Day1

Now that didn’t take long did it……one season to another, just like that!

The rain eventually moved on – the wind blew
And on cue the sun shone to welcome the new season!

(and yes you’re right, comparing the rainy day photo and this one
I don’t think any of these cars moved over those couple of days😊)

Someone asked what the outside of the cabin was like and did we have an actual grassed sitting area – well like lots of things in life that are sent to try you, we had a bit of a wonky start when we arrived this year.
We weren’t allocated our requested cabin but the one next door.

‘Everything is the same’ as the other one we were told.
(Photos from a previous year
Read about our ‘tiny’ house 2018 )

…..except as we found out, it wasn’t quite the same – smaller inventory, less electrical sockets, a ‘touchy’ fridge with missing shelves, the maintenance man has had to repair a few previously unreported issues, annoying things like a squeaky overhead fan as well as a dripping shower head (short stay visitors don’t mention minor problems, they just leave and think maybe we won’t go back there again)- both sorted quickly and quietly…. but look once I’d stopped grizzling all has been well

Saying that though, there is one difference I’m really not happy over – that’s the amount of useable space at the back of the cabin. Not a lot!

And as you can see, even though there are palms and what I think is a very cut back Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (E. cinerea or polyanthemos – the gardeners aren’t sure)
between cabins
it seems to be dominated by the side wall view of next door

Anyway back to yesterday, I took my fold up chair and ‘make do’ table along with book, coffee, snack, looking for a quiet spell out there. Often at this 1st of the month time when seasons change I’m thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re heading for the rest of the year but for some reason other things were plodding round my mind.

‘Shut it out Catherine’ I kept telling myself. ‘Close your eyes, forget it, let it be’.

At the end of last year amongst other things I had told myself to ‘enjoy every moment.
Corny as it sounds, opening my eyes and seeing the branches to the front and the palms over the wall to my left swaying in the sunlight brought that home to me.

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  1. seems sitting out back did help you gain perspective. I am wondering if maybe the changes happened because of 2020. the cabin looks good in the photos. glad you are having sunshine and a good time

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  2. Not sure if the same applies across the ditch but many families have another property at their holiday choice. Which is possibly larger than a cabinet but has enough amenities to have the season away, getting away to the “bach or crib (depends which island you’ve in here)”. Even disappear for long weekends.
    Some invesiage making it a permanent change in retirement…
    It’s called getting away from regular life. BTW when our lockdowns appeared lots of people tried to say those places were their permanent residences..much argo occurred. Many being turned away at checkpoints or reported by locals in those places…

    Anyway enjoy


  3. That is one tiny back yard! But kudos to you for being able to get beyond your disappointment and to be happy in the moment. Changing one’s attitude is oftentimes very difficult, but always worth the effort. Blessings…


  4. I suppose it would cost more, especially long term, but for short stays we like having a verandah with chairs and a table. The outside area with just patchy grass doesn’t look great.


  5. It takes some imagination to stretch that space. Good on you to do it with your imagination, and enjoy every moment.


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