Winter Day90

How strange that the first day of our Winter (June 1) was a Wednesday and here we are at the last day (August 31) and it’s also a Wednesday!

Day1 at home in Victoria was the day we went for a drive in the rain ( – I’m not sure how today will pan out but yesterday (Day90) here outside my little cabin in Queensland it was also wet!

Unlike Day1 when he didn’t play – on Day90 The Golfer decided maybe it wouldn’t be that bad… was the Veterans afternoon and ‘we can’t let the side down’ so just after lunch, waterproofs and brolly at the ready he headed out.

By early afternoon it was coming down in bucket loads

And had turned cool – well much cooler than it had been😌

But certainly nothing like it was at home!

Me – well I gathered up my blanket (to keep my toes warm) new library books
latest knitting project, parked myself on the bed and settled down
to enjoy an afternoon doing as I like on my own

He was home just after 4pm……a little wet and a bit subdued. Still doesn’t enjoy playing in the rain so didn’t stop for a drink in the club house…..something he usually enjoys
(reliving the game with all and sundry😊)

Me – well I was comfy so suggested he might like pop down and get pizza for dinner!.
Thanks for your suggestions
I’ll think about doing something with those egg plants another day !
~ ~ ~ ~

On the needles
The makings of another shirt similar to last week. I’ll do the ‘grandad neck’ on this one

Library books.
Violeta by Isabel Allende. ~ Her new release but my first read of any of hers
Cooktown by Andreas Heger. ~ A debut novel by a new to me Australian author

~ ~ ~ ~

As it is Wednesday why not visit…..  Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits.  where there’s lots more knitting (and reading) to admire and think about

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  1. Thanks for your posts from the future! It’s just gone mid-day Tuesday here in central California. I just returned from my morning errands and ate a cinnamon roll with a second cup of coffee. Summer is blazing away here. Later this week, in your past, it will be 109 degrees. What a strange world we live in.

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    1. lol love it Del – strange but beautiful and as Louis Armstrong said it is a ‘wonderful world’😊

      Winter here in Qld hasn’t been as warm as it has been in other years so I’m looking forward to some summer warmth at home, although 109f/42c is just a fraction higher than I enjoy. It’s certainly been a long hot summer for those of you living where you do.


  2. Wow… golfers are addicts, yes/no?? LOL Our neighbor is a golfer and I would lay money that he’d be out there golfing, just like your husband, in weather that a duck would refuse to be out in! ROFL here… your choice of things to do that day were right on!

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  3. Fine spring like weather across the ditch but still with a nip in the air. Am going out and about again today…and going earlier as this morning read at Cheerful Monks page that we have lost “tammy” who is domiciled in Oklahoma. And as she loved my lifestyle I need to drift further around town today…and do more etc.

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    1. Yes I saw Jean’s post….I knew who Tammy was from reading her comments on other’s blogs. Sad time for those who were close to her. Glad to hear you ‘honoured’ her by doing what she encouraged you to do.


    1. 8ply on size8/4mm grows at a rate I like….
      It’s the same batch I used for the earlier shirt yet is knitting up entirely differently, maybe because the days have been cooler and my tension is more even but whichever I’m pleased with the look.


  4. Yeh, winter is coming. Hope it won’t be long before I’m posting about the rain .
    I’m cooking aubergines today. With lots of olive oil, garlic and parsley . They always go together
    Somehow I think the Golfer would poke his fork at this dish and rush out for pizza.
    There is one recipe he ‘might’ eat. Stuffed aubergine with bolgnaise sauce in the middle, topped with bechamel (white sauce) and lots of melted cheese. Good luck, whatever you do with them

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  5. I love book and bed, or even chair and bed, but I do prefer propped on pillows when i read. our weather is wet and wild and HOT HOT HOT which is normal for August. we have Sept will be the dame and then the rains will slow down unless of course we get a hurricane. or two… I could use a little cool air now

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    1. I haven’t started it yet Kat….have a couple of others to finish first. My Afghan was a surprise gift many years ago, easy on the eye, lovely and warm too


  6. I love it when hubby, and everyone else, leaves them camp site and I get to spend some time alone.
    While camping way up north one year the other couple we were with and hubby wanted to go to the coast a few hours north of where we were. I didn’t. They all were so worried I would be bored. I had a ball lol

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  7. I think you found a great way to spend an afternoon. My husband plays golf once a week in the late afternoon and evening. I love him but I also love having the house to myself those evenings. I had to smile at the “stopping for a drink to rehash the game.” Husband-golfers” are the same the world over.

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    1. It wasn’t one I envisaged happening up here this winter Jennifer. Every other trip has been dry from the time we arrived in July until going home September. Still enjoyed it just the same


    1. And hasn’t it Sue! We’ve been wintering up here since 2008 and this has definitely been a strange one. I certainly didn’t think I’d be snuggled up in a blanket during the day – I enjoyed it just the same 😊


  8. Even in Brisbane this winter has been chillier then previous winters I think. Today has been a strange day – sunny with blue skies and sunshine this morning and then dark clouds and rain in the afternoon. Love your knitting project! Did you do the crochet rug too? I must admit I love a quiet day at home alone doing craft or art!


  9. It’s been quite the disappointment weather wise for those like you seeking solace from rain and gloom. It’s a funny time for sure. I do know that “alone” time is precious when we are retired….lol.

    Thank you so much for joining in the first week of Wednesday’s Words & Pics Link Up!

    I am glad to have reconnected a lovely blogging community here and look forward to more sharing as we move forward.

    See you next week, on Wednesday 14 September 2022 if you have a post to link up!

    Warmest wishes and appreciation from



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