Um..what am I going to do with that….

The price of fruit and veg is getting out of control and with all the strange weather over the past few months in growing areas round Australia the effect on that produce hasn’t been good. I know farmers can’t control the weather but I’ve looked at some of the supposedly fresh vegetables they’ve sent to market then on to greengrocers or supplied to supermarkets and more and more thought…no, we’ll try frozen or do without.
As well as a stall at the Sunday market a lot of local growers here have roadside farm gate (honesty box) stalls, which can be interesting because you never know what’s going to be on sale. It’s often ‘not quite right’ produce they know won’t sell – because consumers want good looking right sized (in their eyes) stuff.
The good thing is that it’s fresh…..not long been off the bush or out of the ground

We stopped at one the other day
The Golfer got out to have a look
‘Big tomatoes, huge green pumpkins, long zucchini’…..just get some toms and zucchini I called out and went back to my knitting

It turned out these are what he thought were zucchini/courgette!

My reaction when he opened the bag at home – what am I going to do with that!

Some would say, bless his heart he was only trying to help
and I should have looked my self.

Let’s just say Egg plant/Aubergine (any shape size or form) is not my favourite vegetable so I never buy them, in fact I can’t remember if I’ve ever cooked them and I know he’d pass if offered elsewhere
SO, in for a penny – in for a pound……it looks like we’re going to have to do a bit of cooking site surfing this week – for easy ways to cook them.
Because in the cabin I’m limited to a microwave and a two ‘burner’ ceramic cooktop!

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  1. Hari om
    babar ganoush!
    Or brinjal bharta, which is basically just roasted then stirfried with spices such as ginger, cumin, coriander, garam masala…

    I agree the veg and fruit this year are suffering…and so are the farmers. YAM xx


  2. Like you, I do not care for eggplant. However, like you, if that is what is in the grocery bag I’d find a recipe to try and enjoy it! We are lucky to have a garden, and I am lucky to have a resident gardener devoted to his plants so that during our over-a-month long drought, he watered every day when he got home from work. The plants declined, then stopped producing after about three weeks on watering, but they survived, and when the rain finally came they revived and we are back to fresh produce, with surplus to can, and dehydrate.

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  3. I’ll be interested to see what you do with the eggplant as it is not one of my favourites either and sometimes is all there is in the supermarket (others must feel the same as we do!)


  4. I see Yam has suggested baba ganoush – if you don’t have tahini, smooth peanut butter works. You spike the eggplants with a couple of forks and cook them over the gas scorching the skin to give a slightly smoky flavour. I have a recipe for a Korean Eggplant salad that uses that kind – long skinny ones. Cut in quarters lengthwise and steam them. Then use a fork to tear them into ribbons. Finely chopped mild onion goes in there (spring onions are good) and dress with: 1Tb sugar, 1 Tb sesame oil, 3Tb soy sauce, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 2Tb wine vinegar, 2Tb Tahini (or smooth peanut butter). They are an absolute staple here in Greece. At the end of each week i make a gloop out of the remaining veg with lots of tomato and herbs, slice and roast the eggplants, layer them with the gloop and feta cheese and bake them like a meatless lasagne. Good luck, you might have found a new string to add to your bow…. F (and Mr T)


  5. Simply boil them until soft and then throw them outside for the not so fussy birds. Not my favourite either.


  6. I once a couple of years ago bought an eggplant, the first time ever. I found a recipe and we tossed it in the trash, could not eat it. will be interested to see if you find one edible. I love eggplant parmigiana, bought in a resturant. about the frozen foods, the veggies are bad because of weather, that means the frozen will be bad also. here in USA there is a potato shortage, due to weather and heat waves drought. I bought a bag of french fries to bake in my ninga oven. they were the same as the baking potatoe from the week before.


  7. Always good to try foods we remember as not nice and then discover that a different way .. it’s rather nice.

    If I have an odd food, it ends up in a mixed stir fry and somehow it just blends on or it adds umani …


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