Another week of smiles

After the calm of last week ~ it was fun to see the ‘not so calm’ earlier this week

An early morning ‘not a soul in sight’ always makes me smile.
Thats the beautiful Rose Bay Resort in the background
Foraging for a selection from the sea turned up these small (almost miniature sized) pieces right beside my chair. I left them behind so they could make someone else smile

Our weekly treat of lunch out was at the historic Grand View Hotel in Bowen

Getting there early bagged us a spot outside, pleasantly warm but windy.
It’s not called ‘ Blowin’ Bowen’ for nothing 😊
(Shutters to block the wind not the sun – look through for a glimpse of Front Beach)

The place was renovated a few years ago – all a’la’ posh now, lots of white along with ‘colour’, hardly a speck of timber to be seen, supposedly ‘good food’ ….with high prices, (caesar salad in a wrap?)
Professional Photo Link 👇

Grand View Hotel | Bowen, Queensland

unfortunately to me (and yes call me old fashioned) being nothing like it was when we first ate/drank there – just after it was used as a set in the film Australia – it seems to have lost a lot of its country town flavour.
The covered quirky outdoor ‘wet season’ smokers spot does make me smile though. 

~ ~ ~
And I’m just popping this in because it could be a bit of fun

Just as we were leaving I spotted this. If I was an artist I might be interested.
Art classes with drinkies supplied
Angela ~ this would put a smile on your face 😊

I really have been living my life under a rock
This seemingly is world wide big business

I searched ‘paint and sip Australia’ and discovered they’re all over the place!

~ ~ ~ ~

EC hosts Sunday Selections – a meme that’s been going for a few years now. 
It’s a place to share thoughts and photos…..old and new. 
Do pop over and see what she is showing today.

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10 Replies to “Another week of smiles”

  1. I am loving those outdoor wind shutters. that room is something I would like to see or have one like it. but not the smokers part. there is something so soothing about the sound of crashing waves, as long as there is no storm involved. just wild waves are wonderful. that is a beautiful beach

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  2. Yes, the paint and sip movement is even here in the backwater of central San Joaquin Valley! Been around for years. Never had any desire to attend as I just want to drink without having to produce something!

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  3. Paint and sip, common across the ditch, plus qizz and drink, knit and sip also here, but not so much since “you know what” … slowly things are getting going again.

    Interesting how no one much surfaces just as the sun comes up on the beach. I suppose they are at the night spots until closing…

    Anyway enjoy

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  4. I’ve got a new phone. Not recognized yet by big brother. 3rd time lucky, I hope with the comment.
    You found the perfect place for your beach chair, right by the waves, calm or not.
    Paint and sip sounds great. Opens the mind up for inspiration and imagination 😁 if they had a knit and sip I’d be the first to sign up


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