Things that made me smile….

Today I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others at Sunday Selections. 
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I smile each time I see these roadside tourist billboards thinking how lucky I am to be wintering in a fabulous part of our country.
Bowen is at the northern end of The Whitsundays

Big smiles all round (or rather, down the Highway) when I saw that just like last year, the ‘little yellow girls & boys’ were still working hard protecting road workers by indicating where overhead power lines were.

~ ~ ~ ~

From a distance I thought this was a real house gecko on the painted shed doors out the back of a Proserpine cafe – a laugh and a smile when I realised it was a decorative door handle

This is a real one!
A smile when I saw it clinging on for dear life to a dusty window frame in another shop….followed by a frown.
They are supposedly nocturnal so why was it out and about?

~ ~ ~ ~

Murals are a ‘big thing’ in Bowen and this is one I hadn’t seen before. Another of those drive down an unfamiliar streets and get a surprise moments!
Painted by James Ellis – the same young Brisbane street artist I mentioned last year.

Eye catching isn’t it.
Well placed and visible from a distance.
Playful dolphins make me smile any time I see them

~ ~ ~ ~

And finally a little scene from Rose Bay one morning last week
Low tide, the seas were like a millpond – just right for kayak lessons on the shoreline
I’m not sure who was going to have the most fun.
Dad or the two littlies brandishing their paddles

Do pop over to EC’s and see what beautiful photos she has to share today. 
Sunday Selections– a place to share photos…..old and new

9 Replies to “Things that made me smile….”

  1. When I was living and working at Collinsville, often I stayed at Rose Bay….at caravan Park I used to always book the same waterfront cabin, called “Laguna” for my visit. I loved it there.

    I also used to love the little geckos. On Hinchinbrook Island we had many of the little fellows. They’d be busy at night running around the cabins, which they called home. 🙂


  2. I’ve seen little green geckos in Hawaii. One was in our beach-level room. We plunked a glass over him and slide the glass and gecko over the wall to the sliding door. One Hawaii friend had a pet gecko. It would come in and rest on top of a framed picture on the mantle. It would roll over on it’s back for a little tiny tummy rub. Linda in Kansas


  3. Your pictures and commentary made a reaaly nice start to our Sunday (after F had stopped the noise and cleaned up her pavlova-making mess!) Now she is sitting with her coffee and I’m napping on a very welcome cooler morning. Our sea is not as calm as yours. xxx Mr T


  4. everything you showed us made me smile and the biggest smile of all was the handle to the door. I love it and I want one. our lizards are out and about all day and even in the night. sometimes when I go out in the dark with Beau I can hear them rustling in the leaves.


  5. I love such interesting street and roadside sign-art. Especially when it’s fun…but the power pole people is great too. Yes enjoy your holiday…


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