Definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment…

I watched in awe (discreetly from a distance) as a camper (whom I’d seen walk slowly, with difficulty, using a walking stick) went through his early morning exercise routine.

After doing some standing stretches he got down on his mat
He very quietly moved from one position to another – then very slowly stood up.
A few more stretches and he was finished

‘The Back’ (that’d be mine) has been playing up since we arrived

Just when I least wanted it, my ‘invisible ailment’  (lumbar spinal stenosis ) made itself known again.  At a time when I desperately want to be on my feet and mobile the dreaded heavy hot numb then tingling legs and feet returned…..thankfully not the sharp, make you jump and screech, don’t know when it’s coming, ‘take your breath away’ electric shock down your leg pains when the sciatic nerve is involved.

Right as rain one day – no symptoms at all….. then to have some or all of the above appear the next certainly put a damper on my moods.
I reverted to my ‘I want to be alone’ mind set.

Enjoying the peace of a couple of early morning hours at ‘my little bay’ plus the stillness of reading and crafting helped but when it was obvious I was resenting not taking part in things we planned ……and was becoming a whinging whining moan-alot
I knew I really needed to do something about it!

Enter a change in attitude… a visit to a local chiropractor.
Getting a ‘just in case you need it’‘letter of introduction’ (or rather an email referral with all my ‘problems’ set out including some images from my latest CT scan films – in 3D!) before I left home was a good idea on my part…..meant we could get down to the nitty gritty more easily.
As well as the necessary adjustments there was a good discussion on different exercises and the ‘nicely put’ suggestion that I forfeit one morning at Rose Bay for some time at the local outdoor pool😊

So I went to the pool the other afternoon.

I took these photos a few years ago (2018) but nothing’s changed.
(Just click or finger slide to enlarge)
It’s basically the same now as it was then.
The open air roller rink is still there next door plus the ‘sea view’ through the palms

Walking in and seeing the beautiful crystal clear water sparkling in the sunshine was definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment.
As was the sensation I felt go through my body as I began to walk down the steps 😯

My pool at home is indoors and heated by a big boiler
This one is outdoors, open and certainly not artificially heated!

But come the summer months when it’s hot humid and averaging 30c/86f everyday
the water temp will have risen a bit.
So, even if locals crave them, there won’t be too many ‘take you’re breath away’ times

~ ~ ~ ~

Just a little fun postscript this Monday morning.
During the hour’s drive back from Ayr last week I had another traffic light moment (like the one from the other week)…..I had a big laugh when this came on the radio.

Gotta keep movin’ an’ I’m feelin’ good,
Got that diesel roarin’ underneath the hood,
Hey the road is open an’ I’m rollin’ free, you see,
That I feel so good as long as I’m movin’
Yes I feel so good as long as I’m movin’.

Yes, I’ve definitely gotta keep movin’……..even if I have to suffer those ‘take your breath away’ moments at the pool 😎

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24 Replies to “Definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment…”

  1. Hari OM
    OUch. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in virtually all joints and spondylitis in the spine, so have some idea of your discomfort. It does curtail activities that would once have been entered into fully – but just to keep moving at all is a blessing and so keep at it! YAM xx

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    1. Oh that’s not good is it Yam. I’ve heard your version of arthritis is much more painful that my common ol’ osteo. Just when we think we can have a bit of rest at this part of live we have to keep on the go to enjoy more of this time of out life😊


  2. Hope the exercising helps. I have stenosis in my neck and fortunately have been able to stave off worsening by doing a series of exercises each day. I’ve been sitting way too much of late so that the sciatica has reared its ugly bottom. A few extra rounds of movement and stretching has made a difference and I have lots more walking planned for the next week. The pace is quickening around here, summer break is almost over.

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    1. Even though it hasn’t happened in other years and didn’t become evident as soon as we arrived this year I’m sure the four days sitting in the car was part of the blame. We alternated driving (2hr shifts), I stretched at each change over and at the end of the day but obviously it wasn’t enough.
      The pool is beckoning again tomorrow and the chiro has provided me with a new routine to work through. Same sort of exercises I’ve been doing- just slightly different.


  3. Oh but this post is utterly perfect for me … I’ve been having quite a time with my sciatic nerve pain and lumbar pain. I was thinking over the weekend that I need to go back to that chiropractor and have him adjust me again. And perhaps, have a regular session with him until things remember where they’re supposed to be so I don’t hurt so bad. Healing hugs to you and good luck with your chiro visit. Praying that it helps…

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    1. I can commiserate with you Carol – I once told someone back pain in all forms was worse than childbirth because there was a guaranteed end to that. Struggling with that (back pain not childbirth😊) and worrying over Robert is certainly not good for your mental health so here’s hoping your get help somewhere sometime soon

      So many people (medics included) poo-poo chiropractors and osteopaths for the work they do but my chiro has been a saviour to me when all ‘conservative medical help’ failed. I definitely wasn’t going to have surgery and that’s when I turned to alternative treatment.

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  4. At a show this weekend, I was up and down and up and down, waiting on customers. I thought of my favorite therapist’s favorite exercise, Stand Up, Sit Down (don’t flop!), Stand Up, etc. I went to bed last night exhausted, and got up like a spring chicken this morning. And worked like it, too.

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  5. I love the alternate name (in the Wikipedia link) “wear and tear in the spine”. I now have an explanation for the painful numbness I get in my thighs. I hope your pool visits help.

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    1. Another one coming up tomorrow – if I wasn’t so short I could walk further down the lane where it’s in full sunshine, unfortunately the shallow end has sails over it so I’m going to have to work harder to stay warm.

      You mustn’t suffer too long, talk to your gp about it. If he/she’s agreeable a scan will determine what the problem is.


  6. That pool looks so inviting. Sorry to read you got pain onset suddenly. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to understand the triggers. Good one day, all chewed up the next and no idea what was different. F’s has a shoulder blade that does that, and no idea what sets it off. Age is definitely making it worse. Hope the pool helps and you back gets better – perhaps you and the gent could start an early morning ‘greet the sun’ group.

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    1. Oh gosh we’re all becoming old codgers aren’t we – not you Tigger I’m talking to F. I’ve another pool visit coming up tomorrow so I’m steeling myself for that initial freezing part of dipping my toe in the water 😊

      Unfortunately that camperbeen and gone but I did enjoy revisiting old memories of when salute the sun was part of my daily routine. I will have to see if there’s a way I can improvise without doing any more damage to my spine.


  7. I had bad arthritis day yesterday, just when I was I was looking forward to my niece Jo’s on stage performance. An hour driving to and another to return didn’t help, nor the rock hard seats at the theatre. Today back to normal. Hits about 10am and reduces by a lot by noon. I can walk well by afternoon. I think prescribed exercises by my physio help quite a bit, that is strengthening muscles to support the affected area of my spine. I have no excuse for not swimming apart from apathy.

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    1. And there you have a pool right on your doorstep! You’re right about doing those exercises, I’m my own worst enemy where they’re concerned. I know I should but I’ve been lazy over these past few weeks Andrew and not been in exercise mode. This set back changed my attitude and things are improving already. I have a special memory foam ‘cushion’ for the car (need it for a lift) but it’s good for my derrière as well. Also have a little black foam chair pad I now take out with me at home – stylish or not, it’s my constant companion to seated events, I get fed up with hard seating knowing I’d be struggling when I stood to leave.


  8. I have had the sciatic thing and kept it at bay most of the time by doing the exercises the therapist gave me in 2015. she said 3 times a week, I did five days a week and as long as i do them at least 3 times a week I am pain free, even knowing that I will skip a couple of days once in a while, mainly because I forget to do them when I feel good. then the pain comes and I jump back on the exercises and it goes away. until 2020 when they closed the pool and my IBS started i was in the pool 5 days a week. now i don’t go to the pool because my IBS makes me afraid I can’t get out of the pool in time.

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    1. That’s just it isn’t it Sandra. When you’re feeling good and there’s no pain to remind you….that’s the time you forget to do the dreaded exercises.


  9. It was during the long covid lockdowns that I realised just how much the pool was helping my back.
    Unfortunately it’s progressed too much to go back to where I was but I can keep the progression from speeding up now the pool is open
    To be able to swim in that pool with that view would be total bliss

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  10. So sorry to hear about what you’ve been through, Cathy! Hope the exercise helps and you feel better soonest.
    Plenty of healing energy being sent your way!!
    Take care


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