Taking the easy way out…

Do you see the date…..July 27th already! And I haven’t got round to taking part in the challenge – yet!

As I was leaving my book club back in June all I said was ’I’ll try’.
Some of the others were in favour of joining in with Jane Austen July info……a challenge to read/watch/appreciate Jane Austen whatever way you can – I didn’t feel so committed.

Anyway knowing I had lost the urge to read and thinking it might put me back on track my battered copy of P&P (which even after various attempts over the years I’ve never finished….last one in 2009 ) came along….and has sat here on the bedside locker, ignored while I’ve been doing other things. I did briefly wonder about looking for an online production but that’s as far as it got.
( Internet – signal – online – words spoken here with rolled back eyes…..it seems (as with other years) park wifi reception is usually good BUT there can be/ often is problems/issues with the dreaded NBN. My phone (5g plus plan with our national carrier) is a bit hit and miss and using it as a hotspot for my iPad isn’t much better.)

Now you know how the libraries often have ‘just returned’ books on a trolley – hoping another reader picks them so saving the staff from having to shelve them….well look at this – The Usborne Complete Jane Austen – a (quite hefty) but really beautiful, printed on glossy paper, children’s book with abridged versions of all her novels – was sitting there just waiting for me to find it yesterday morning. How timely was that 😊

What I’m wondering is…do you think I’d be taking the easy way out, almost cheating, by reading (and most likely finishing) from this book rather than my Penguin edition with it’s over 400 pages of tiny print???
And look what else is included – before each of the novels there’s a whole double spread of who’s who and how they relate to each other. A pictorial cast list!

12 thoughts on “Taking the easy way out…

  1. Nope not cheating…and if you can read this one entirely, you might find you really need to full version. Just not sure you’ve enough July days left.


  2. Skip reading the tiny print!! This Usborne book looks very interesting. If you decide to read the full P&P, get a book with nicer, larger print that is a pleasure to read.


  3. Not cheating at all… just consider it a teaser so you can see which books you want to bother reading in their entirety. Think Reader’s Digest!! Millions of subscribers can’t be wrong!


  4. When I used to borrow library books, unless I was after a specific book, I mostly borrowed from the trolleys loaded with books yet to be put back on the shelves.


  5. If it has pictures it’s not cheating. It’s a book. With a cover and everything. Not like the person in my book club from years ago who would read the precis on the internet and base her comments on that.

    We read Wuthering Heights in book club. I had never read it as a kid and hated it as an adult. I found it depressing, bordering on abuse. Those that had read it as teens saw it as a beautiful love story. Go figure.


  6. Not cheating. Not really. I just watched P&P on telly
    One of the many remakes that’s even easier


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