Rainy days and Mondays…..

It’s been a funny old week where we had a few rainy days
Mornings of heavy cloudy skies
Along with some cool gusty southerly winds
Followed by soft gentle stuff

One morning we thought we left it in Bowen but it followed us down The Bruce to the ’big’ shopping centre at Cannonvale and then hung around while we lunched at Sailing Club in Airlie Beach

It came and it went and there was no sign of it a couple of days later when we went to the Sunday market

Unlike the torrential monsoon rains that come earlier in the year during ’The Wet’ It had been soft gentle rain just like The Irish Descendants sing about in this song

A gentle mist all heaven kissed
Like teardrops off an angel’s wing
Don’t you know you’ll cleanse your soul
With a walk in the Irish rain

Here it is Monday again – wonder what’s in store for this week?
Life is a little unstructured at the moment. We don’t seem to have found the usual rhythm of this time away yet….Some years (a bit like at home) there is a pattern to the days……nothing is planned too far in advance – some things are marked on the calendar but can be can be removed/changed if ’a better offer turns up’

We’ll just take things as they come – hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer than it has been. I feel the cold and rug up like a local so must say it’s been strange seeing others also wrapped up in their ‘cool weather travelling up from down south clothes’ …..I smiled inwardly but didn’t say anything when I heard one camper revealing to others she was still wearing her winter pjs where by now nights would be warmer and she’d be in summer nighties

lol All must be ok in my world when my main thought is what is the weather’s going to be like…..here’s this week’s forecast.

Looks like I won’t be putting my winter jammies away anytime soon if Thursday Friday and Saturday night are anything to go by😊

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8 thoughts on “Rainy days and Mondays…..

  1. Thanks for sending us some rain to K.C, along with a bit of your winter! We actually got down to 70 degrees (F) in the middle of our night. Very nice outside. Linda in Kansas


  2. my sister in law and I text several times a day, she is 400 miles away. each day we give each other the weather report and laugh and joke about its ok, it just means we are seniors that we always talk about the weather. I like the looks of the flea market. it is good to have no plans or changable plans, that way there is no pressure. my brother ruined our vacation when we asked them to meet us at the beach because he is a make a plan and follow it and we are never have a plan. he wanted to go see this at 10 and that at 3 and we wanted to sit on the beach. we are having our afternooon monsoon pours down 2 inches in 40 minutes. the come every day between 3 and 8 pm. works well until soon they will change to morning monsoons, these have horrid lightning in pm and am. the morning monsoons interfere with am dog walks


  3. It’s much nicer where you are compared to the temps here
    We are supposed to get some temps in the low to mid teens this week. Heatwave lol


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