Honestly….it would appear

The older I get – The dafter I get!

I knit the back plain, in stocking stitch …then decided to do the front in broken rib

But couldn’t fathom out why my stitches were so ragged and out of shape

Look at the needles – I’ve been using two entirely different sizes😟

(I think there might be a bit of unravelling and some new beginnings coming up )

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s taken a while but I’m happy to say I’ve begun reading again.

Two new to me authors plus two entirely different genres
One down and one on the go!

The Things We Keep ~ Sally Hepworth

’Realistic Fiction’ – an interesting read, full of different emotions, one I really enjoyed about Anna, a well educated young woman in her 30s diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease. Set in an aged care facility where she meets and strikes up a friendship with a young man with the same diagnoses.

Confronting for many with no experience of the disease in younger people it follows their intermingled times (good and bad) together, along with another character plus daughter trying to sort out their own lives

The Goldminer’s Sister ~ Alison Stuart

Australian Historical Fiction – set in an 1870s Victorian gold mining town.
Just begun – what I think will be an easy read about a young English woman arriving in the goldfields discovering all is not how she expected it to be. Her brother has died mysteriously…her uncle now has ownership of the brother’s mine….

(Even though it’s not marked as part of a series and can be read as a standalone seemingly it follows on from an earlier book ’The Postmistress’ set in the same small town so I might try to find that one)

Yes – sometimes it’s the little things in life on these winter days that make me happy 😊😊

As it is Wednesday why not visit…..  Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits.  where there’s lots more knitting (and reading) to admire and think about.

7 Replies to “Honestly….it would appear”

  1. F’s Mum bought all her needles in colour coded sizes. F grew up with a colour per size fixed in her imagination. That worked until F inherited someone elses needles and she had the same idea but different colours…… Shame that you have to unpick it. You couldn’t call it a new stitch design could you?


  2. You make me laugh with your needles. Reminds me of the time my grandaughter noticed I was wearing sandals in two different sizes. Didn’t notice myself lol
    The books sound like two good reads


  3. my brain is fried, but since I have never even held a knitting needle, I did not see anything wrong with the stitiches and it looks great to me, both sides. I like F story of color codes. glad you are back to reading, reading is my most favorite thing to do. I always read anywhere I have to wait or on a beach. on our honeymoon I took a book, someone asked why? he wanted to fish, i hate fishing, i sat in a chair and read, he fished. I have even been known to read while frying chicken.


  4. I can recall making the same knitting error and thinking “where was I when I picked up these needles?” Enjoy your reading.


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