It’s a tricky one indeed….

(It’s possible this will be one of my rambles where I start somewhere and finish elsewhere)
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There’s been a little bit of tension in the park over the past few days

Most ‘residents’ are older retirees, at the moment the majority are here for the season (May to September), although there are some travelling ‘seeing the sights’ avoiding the winter weather down south, some could be younger (with or without young families)on the road doing their lap, plus with school holidays still on there are some with youngsters hurtling round on bikes and scooters.

Apart from those like us who are using cabins everyone else is living in tents or ‘homes on wheels’ of all shapes and sizes and vintages – 

  • motorhomes and caravans (ancient and modern designs) 
  • camper vans …newer posh ones with pop up roofs and side awnings as well as some travelling tourists in a brightly painted hired ‘whizz bang’ one ( think of the noise the sliding door makes)😊
  • converted buses, big fifth wheelers and this year something that ‘looks like a fifth-wheeler’ but seemingly sits on top of the flat tray of a ute (there’s a really tiny one parked close by – I must get a snap of it sometime) 

Which means it’s an outdoor lifestyle – for the majority gathering with others would be outside or in the park facilities like the pool, camp kitchen (open on three sides) laundries (also open on three sides) as well (for some) the various toilet/shower amenities blocks ( which for privacy are enclosed).

Contrary to what so many of the population think/believe Covid-19 hasn’t gone away…’s still out there and case numbers are on the rise again. I’m not sure why people are loathe to take precautions, there seems to be a belief that vaccination prevents them being infected rather than lessening the effect so mask wearing is scorned – when the staff are available cafes & restaurants are doing big business, theatres, ’pub nights’ and other gatherings are all the rage again.

The Golfer is a chatter….he’ll stop and say Hello to anyone….especially if there are other fellas gathered at someone’s ’door’ (men can gossip as much as women – they tend to hover out the front of other vans and motors discussing this that and the other) …..which means (whether I want to hear them or not) he often relays some of the snippets he hears here and there.

He began the other day with “you’d never guess what”……seemingly the wife of one of the other men came back from the shower block all in a tizz about something.
She’d been finishing up, brushing her hair before leaving and another woman came to the next mirror so they’d begun chatting (as you do) – the chat turned to the hot topic of covid and how lucky they were to be out on the road and not in towns where it was raging and even though (rightly or wrongly) many restrictions had been lifted if you did become infected self isolation was one way of breaking the cycle.
She’s about to leave and the other woman moved closer, looked her in the eye and whispered…..”I tested positive a couple of days ago, I certainly haven’t reported it and theres no way I’m isolating. I’m not staying in my van away from everyone else – no one’s going to tell me what to do” and with that walked off out the door.

So we had one previously happy camper worried sick in case she’d become infected by someone she didn’t recognise and hasn’t seen since (possibly a short stay/overnighter whose site was in another lane) – other campers also worried not knowing if they’d crossed paths with the infected unknown woman – who now (if what she said is true) is out and about infecting others.

I’m amazed no one has reported it to the office…..… there’s nothing anyone can do, there are no rules no reprisals…..’because the onus is on us to keep ourselves safe’ …..seems to be the attitude. I can’t be the only one wondering if they’re just a lonely voice pleading with others to be sensible – it’s not just about yourself, you have a responsibility to keep others safe as well.

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I nipped out after I wrote this and took these.
Seemingly it’s called a Millard ’Slide – On

Handy if you dont like towing but….according to this review not quite as simple as tossing one on the back of your old ute

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16 thoughts on “It’s a tricky one indeed….

  1. A little like some experts here saying that they believe double the official numbers have covid, not isolating or reporting via the special app. Mainly because they can’t afford to take sick leave. SAD that they are spoiling it for the rest of us. Also returning from holidays overseas and traveling back with covid, bringing a new variant in with themselves.

    The Milard ute caravan add on, old school way. Nice to see it’s a bit more modern. I suspect anything on wheels has quirks, just any cabin in such a place…but it’s how you “make” it happen for your trips.

    A bit like this week away for me, except it’s not a campground…


  2. God Bless America!!! The gall of that woman–notwithstanding that she knew she had been infected, but to get up close to another person and breathe on her while admitting that ‘no one was going to tell her what to do…’ Truly, she should have been taken to task on the spot. How dare she!


  3. The rabid COVID woman reminds me of some of the far right types we have here in the United States. “It’s just a virus.” “We don’t have to shut down the whole country.” ” Live your life.” It was announced at church this morning that all the local hospitals are full, not allowing visitors. The admonition to not need emergency care as you might be in a hallway for a long time. This is the results of all those free thinkers who don’t want to be told what to do.


  4. We are still wearing masks in public, keeping our distance from others out of doors, and sanitizing all objects that come onto our property from outside.
    BUT hubby has worked in a crowded setting through the entire pandemic, and now no one there is wearing masks any more, it feels hopeless trying to avoid Covid because of that.
    I haven’t been anywhere except to medical appointments for two and half years, most recently to the hospital for surgery.
    It isn’t over yet, so we avoid the yo-yo it’s OK, it’s not OK and continue to take precautions. People can be without any symptoms at all, and wandering around spreading the virus not knowing it.
    I think we may have had Covid, it seems hard to believe with all the work exposure that we have evaded it. But how would we know for sure if we were asymptomatic.


  5. Hari OM
    COVID is still very much with us, and I know first-hand a number of folk who have tested +ve and gone down with the illness … and all of them triple vaxxed. Varying levels of illness, from a nasty cold effect to the full-on C19 effect. Complacency (and downright bolshy ignorance such as you have exposed here) is the enemy. I remain, still, ‘shielded’ and just don’t mix and mingle – and the few visitors I do have come to me are very good at doing their LFTs first. It’s a changed world, for sure… YAM xx


  6. The slide on was interesting to read about. It is possible the woman didn’t have Covid and just a trouble maker with her own agenda. Regardless, what an appalling person.


  7. I can understand (but would never condone) testing positive and not wanting to follow the rules. But to boast about it?
    Your photos speak of warmth and tropical smells and a bit of humidity. The slide on looks a bit precarious. Seems like the worst of both worlds.


  8. Earlier this evening I scratched a couple of notes on the pad about camping in my childhood (40’s, 50’s. and adulthood and past, 60’s, 70’s 80’s) vs. the seeming epidemic of it now, and here is this fun post. I don’t know (yet) what I’d do about an unreported case of Covid. Interesting to know you have a “hot” climate to counter your mild climate. I didn’t really grasp that last year.


  9. Florida Is wide open and everyone is doing what they always did and there are no masks or social distances. We just stay home, and away from as many people as possible which is not hard because we have always stayed home. we are not travelers. Covid is definitely on the rise and now Monkeypox is here in he USA… the camper thing is adorable, I could sleep in one of those or a cabin, but no tents or anything that doesn’t have doors and windows that close and lock. I too begin my blogs and who knows where I end… its fun so keep doing it and be careful around those other people


  10. I have been assuming that many people have tested positive but refuse to keep their distance. I am amazed that a woman would be so bold as to brag about it.


  11. We would like to say ‘unbelievable’ but unfortunately it is entirely believable and I was appalled after months of observing lockdown rules here to get back to work and hear from colleagues about clandestine parties, travelling to out-of-bounds summer homes and generally behaving like rules are for other people.


  12. Hospital nurses and docs report that people dying of covid and taking their last breaths still say they don’t have covid! Linda in Kansas


  13. Obviously more people than you think are walking round positive and don’t know it or like that lady don’t care otherwise how else would it be spreading


  14. Yes it is pathetic to see people not taking precautions and also not isolating themselves if they test positive. Things are easier for everyone if people follow basic precautions.


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