And breathe…

This morning I made my way to the water – and was able to breathe.

The second set of two days on the road turned out to be rather eventful ones
Ones we’d rather not repeat

One of us with an Asthma flare up and the other with ’mild’ gastro had us coughing and stopping far more frequently than usual from Rocky to Bowen 😯😟

Anyway we’re here now – whatever the cause the problems have subsided

The Golfer took his big hat and his clubs out ….I took a beach towel, sunnies and a book

Today all is well with us and our world……hope all is well with you and yours

12 thoughts on “And breathe…

  1. Crazy how something seemingly so minor as your annual trip can wreck havoc on your inner workings. Now to relax at the beach and The Golfer doing his thing…rest …


  2. Hari OM
    As an asthmatic, I appreciate the arrival of such moments! (I do know most of my lung triggers – usually associated with some perfume or other – but sometimes it just is what it is and a bally nuisance…) Enjoy that beach!!! YAM xx


  3. enjoy your beach. with my tummy issues there will be not traveling for me, of course we don’t anyway so no big deal. have a lot of PHUN


  4. The worst is behind you now. Just relax and enjoy. Hopefully the weather stays warm and dry for you


  5. That beach is peacefulness in a picture. Are there so many beaches in Oz that you can have one each?


  6. Ahhhhhh! Horseshoe Bay by the looks of it! 🙂

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! As I’m sure you will…and are! Take good care. 🙂


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