Made it this far….

Two days down – two more to go

‘Crisp’ mornings – sunny cool afternoons – no rain (or floods).

Minimal traffic (few trucks) – lots of roadworks😟

No dramas except for discovering the bottle of water laid across my bag containing 4 days clothing hadn’t been closed securely – thankfully the motel had laundry facilities with dryer!

12 thoughts on “Made it this far….

  1. Vast spaces. After just 4 years of moving around in Greece I did a double take at the side of the road you had taken your photo from 🙀🙄😸 It is strange how the brain reprograms like that.


  2. 2 days down and 2 to go. Wow. Makes me realise the enormous length of the trip. Do you both drive?


  3. OH no on the water spill, yay for dryers. that sky is magnificent and so glad you had a safe and not much traffic trip.. I am not fond of traveling long distances


  4. The dreaded water bottle leak! Usually caused by the owner…but lucky you could fix quickly

    Won’t be long and you’ll be settling in to warmer weather ♥️


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