We’re all going on a…..

Summer holiday No wrong season – We’re all going on a Winter holiday.
(If the rain gods in NSW cooperate 😟)

Taking a little drive up the road early this morning – will see you when I see you 😎😎

2,500 kms

Home for tea the day before Grand Final Day…..I hope!

(But I’m sure I’ll be here well before then😊)

13 thoughts on “We’re all going on a…..

  1. Wow… when I saw your feet in what appears to be the foot well/floorboard of a car and realized there weren’t any pedals by your feet, I surmised that you’re in the passenger seat and the controls were on the right!! LOL So you must drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the road! ROFL here… Robert and I had such a time in the U.K. when we were there visiting back in 2004. He’d ask me to shift gears for him now and then… the car we’d rented had a standard transmission! Memories!


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