I feel better now….

So for fun the idea was to ’show & tell’ a child’s garment that took less than 100gm to make. By using a budget (but perfectly serviceable) acrylic these two sleeveless vests squeezed in at 96gms each!

(The fawn neck does sit straight and the body doesn’t bunch up like that at all.)
Blame the cameraman for not adjusting it!

They’re both adaptations of the smallest size of this very old pattern from a vintage book. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned in what I think suits boys but to me cables in all forms do have a boyish look…..and yes I know Aran – with all its cables and other stitches (think moss, blackberry, honeycomb) is worn by all – male female adult child

With just a back and a front plus neck and arm bands – after adjusting stitch numbers it’s easy to make different versions of the same vest. I’ve knit the suggested stitch several times….but you know me…if I can make something different I’ll have a go 😊

This is the stitch in the pattern book photo

~ ~ ~ ~

I also took along the baby jacket made back in May…the one I had terrible problems with and wasn’t happy with the result. https://cranethie.com/2022/05/06/new-ways-different-ways/ There was lots of talk about how some pattern makers expect other knitters to be as skilled as they are and sometimes more words are better than less. Ravelry link

May 2022

After writing out the pattern in some semblance of order I had managed to make another for my granddaughter’s friend but the original still sat in the charity box waiting to be packed.

And after seeing other crafters handling it, turning it inside out trying to straighten those uneven rows, I did what I should have done earlier……unpicked the blasted thing and reknit it.

Oh yes, I definitely feel better now!

~ ~ ~

And if you’d like to find out a little more of what other people have been up to – you really must visit…..  Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits.  

There’s lots of knitting there of a far higher standard than my Nana Knits plus reading as well. This year my reading has been painfully low, no idea why – just cant get into anything . Hopefully that will change soon

10 thoughts on “I feel better now….

  1. All of your knitting looks lovely. Lucky are the kids who get to wear them! Linda in Kansas


  2. I got rid of some old knitting patterns and knitting pattern books a few years ago and could kick myself for doing so. All you need is basic instructions and you could knit any pattern you like. The last pattern you showed is smilar to one I have, which is so easy to knit.


  3. I’m knitting sweaters for a granddaughter going to college in the fall. I’m delighted to find she is a good knitter herself, and she put dibs on my vintage knitting books.


  4. I was chatting as you do in a shop queue and admiring a Nana knit. Turned out to be Great Aunt knit. Mum turned to her Mum, the Nana , and said I wish you could knit, I love this so much. Some lucky Boys will know someone cared to knit these lovely tops. Hurrah for Nanaknits.


  5. I just read a fun novel on a parallel subject- reworking old dresses in England during the War. It was the “Wedding Dress Sewing Circle” by Jennifer Ryan. She mentions taking sweaters apart to make new ones too. Love the little boy vests. Very stylish.


  6. A lovely lot of vests. I have a pile of vintage pattern book. Must take another look at them.


  7. Your knitting looks lovely. I have some of the knitting books my grandmother used. The vest looks like something I would find in them.


  8. I think your very talented.
    I’m trying to work on my knitting
    I’ve started a sleeveless tunic for me.
    It’s slow going


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