You in your small corner

And I in mine!

A little reminder of a Sunday school hymn

Jesus bids us shine,
With a clear, pure light,
Like a little candle burning in the night;
In this world of darkness, we must shine,
You in your small corner,
And I in mine. –

Jesus Bids Us Shine” is a children’s hymn with words by Susan Bogert Warner (1819-1885) and music by Edwin Othello Excell (1851-1921). source

Each of us in the blogging community have our own little piece of real estate – a place we call home under the guise of our blog’s name. You could liken us to the little ones singing about shining like a candle in the dark. We all have tales to be told about our lives, loves and interests. We might think we’re all different but we usually share something in our lives with someone else and one of the good things you’ll find is that (generally) we care for each other

Here’s a few bits about ’some’ of the bloggers I follow

Recently Sue (My quiet life in Suffolk) Angela (the aussie empty nester) Caroline (sparklingmerlot) had been wondering if their lives are boring.
Well if writing about your daily life and being grateful for many things is boring….then I’m a fan of it.

Retirement changes our lives as Andrew (& R) have found out, Debby is enjoying the freedom of life in retirement, Kathy has left her Kampground and retired to live in the mountains – and ’Frogdancer’s’ life also changed when as a proponent of FIRE she decided on early retirement.

Ms F & Mr Tigger live in Piraeus near Athens, Linda lives in a small village on a little nearby island not far offshore, NZ expats living very different lives – all at the moment trying to cool off as the scorching hot mediterranean summer continues.

The lives of Cathy, Rhonda as well as Sue changed when they became widows but they carry on adapting to all the permanent changes in their lives – Carol and Helen are adapting to the ever changing health issues of their husbands.

Wisewebwoman’, Joanne and EC ….living in three different countries have seen enough of the medical profession to last them a lifetime but they share a concern for seniors, women and the underprivileged.

Then there’s Mark, Cro and Nick, Ian and YP, not forgetting Clive, Dave & Tasker ….all blokes writing about ‘stuff’….music, memories, literature, walking, gardening, mental health issues, life in general

Do you find there are similarities in blogs you follow

Do they all cover the same subjects or do some talk about this and others that

Even though on the surface all these blogs are different, it turns out
Many share much more than I thought

11 thoughts on “You in your small corner

  1. I think one commonality is most bloggers who I interact with are firstly decent and caring people and especially have similar attitudes about what makes up a good society. But aside from that, there is little else in common. Ah, aside from many being school teachers at some point.

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  2. I love reading about different lifestyles, viewpoints etc as well as connecting with those who are similar to me. A love of words is, I think, the common theme. So much has been lost in the twittering bookfacing world.

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    1. You in your small corner is something my father used to quote. Nice memory.
      I find myself getting bored with my own blog. The same thing over and over. But as I tell others even if they just write what they had for breakfast it’s so different from my breakfast that to me it makes riveting reading. Keep on blogging folks.
      I too follow most of the blogs youve mentioned and thanks for introducing me to a few more .

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  3. I have said to friends and family and to my hubby over and over, I am always shocked to find that bloggers all over this planet, no matter which part they call home, are all basically the same. Most of us share our lives and some of our trials and then we find others are going through the same things. I don’t travel, or party, or shop and those who do might think my life is boring and it might be. I am never bored, but that could be boring to others HA HA

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  4. Thank you and you said so perfectly what attracts us to reading blogs, particularly when our days feel lime they are slippung out of our control. We love to know that sound minded people are living good, contented, ‘normal’ lives for which they are grateful and in which they create, give, find humour, spread a little of what they muse upon, and the things that have piqued their interest recently.

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  5. How did I miss this post. Thank you. I read a variety of blogs and delight in them. Different aspects of humanity. And yes, I often feel that mine is duller than ditchwater – like my life.


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