You can’t always get what you want…

Or as my mother would often say
‘Just because you want it doesn’t mean to say you’ll get it’

It’s an easy drive on the road I take to the nursing home, fairly straight, no twists and turns, …after making a right hand from our small street onto ’the main road’ it’s usually smooth sailing for 8km/5mile (along that same main road) until I get to the much bigger road in Ringwood where at a multi light controlled intersection theres a right hand turn across four lanes of traffic.
Less than two minutes later I’m there.
Leave home about 9.30, approx 15mins on the road in well behaved traffic gets me there 9.45 – waiting time for compulsory RAT test 15 mins, then it’s up to the kitchen, take control of the trolley and with a smile on my face ask ‘What would like this morning, tea or coffee?’

Well that’s the way its supposed to work , that’s the way it usually works but unfortunately there are days when it just doesn’t work that way at all

The Golfer and I both leave at about the same time on Tuesday which often means some ’bathroom negotiations’ take place, the neighbours don’t need to look at their calendar to know what day it is……hearing the words ”hurry up I need to shower as well” at full bellow (what, me bellow?, she says, I don’t bellow I yell loudly) is proof positive its Tuesday😊

Hoping for a break in the traffic so I can turn right at the end of the street is my first hurdle…..(where are all these people going at this time of the morning – most workers would have left home much earlier and school began half an hour ago) ……the next 11 are the sets of lights (pedestrian and intersection) on the road between my street and the 4 lane highway at Ringwood. The smooth sailing element of the journey is when I can drive from the first to the last at reasonable speed without needing to stop.
How dare people or vehicles approach from the other way and change the sequence…especially when I’m running late!

Then of course there’s the ’all come to a stop’ Mt Dandenong Road/Maroondah Highway/Ringwood Bypass light controlled intersection to negotiate. Easy Peasy – just look for the green arrow…..’cept it might only go green every second cycle. It’s fun – not – sitting there wishing those lights would change while watching what seems like every vehicle in the eastern suburbs getting their turn at crossing the street…..I sit there muttering and twiddling my thumbs (or the buttons on the radio) thinking ’those old ladies will have my guts for garters if their midmorning cuppa is late’

Then sometimes – just once in a while – I hear something funny while sitting there
desperately wanting to be on my way

I bust out laughing last Tuesday when this old Rolling Stones’ song was played
Here’s a young 25yrs old Mick Jagger with….You can’t always get what you want!

Interesting article 👇 about the day/night event when this was filmed live in1968

The Rolling Stones’ Masterful Rock & Roll Circus

~ ~ ~
Have to be out early this morning so won’t be lingering over my breakfast …… first cuppa tea went down a treat and I’ll be off to make another soon… the meantime I’m sitting here thinking about how easy it is for me at the moment to get all hot under the collar about something I can’t control.
I really need to leave home earlier ……then I wouldn’t be waiting and stewing!

Corinne is hosting Monday Musings.- I’ll be over soon to link this week’s post.
Why don’t you drop in and see who else might be there.

20 thoughts on “You can’t always get what you want…

  1. That is a very, very young Mick Jagger. Long before he became a member of the Strolling Bones.
    You can’t always get what you want was one of my mama’s oft repeated cries – despite loathing the Rolling Stones. I am an early bird and leave well before my partner. Thankfully.


  2. Ah, the back in the good old days when male pop stars were real men in appearance. Yep, easy one. Leave five minutes earlier. No stress.


  3. Another vote for leaving five minutes earlier. I’m needing to take that into account myself; there is far more traffic on the main road than formerly.


  4. I did a nursing placement at a nursing home in Rupert St. I wonder if it’s the same one?
    Where do all these people come from and where are they going? It used to be if you left at the same time every day your trip would be the same (barring accidents and so forth). These days? Sheesh. People just go out randomly. Most annoying.


    1. Sure is 😊. Coincidence eh! Was it a good place to work?
      A lot of new build/renovations gone on over the past few years so depending on how long it is since you were there it’s possible you wouldn’t recognise the place. My morning tea gig is in one of the low care residential ‘households’ not in the high care or dementia sections.


  5. Good way to start my Monday with a smile on my dial reading this! However….it’s been mandatory for us since..,1985…to have at least 2 toilets in house where we live! Bathroom bookings for that purpose not needed. Denyse


    1. It’s an old house Denyse – 1 bath + seperate toilet. Normally we’d be ok and plan ahead… go first etc but there are days when someone dawdles, forgetting the other person so consequently I lose my patience.
      Trouble is It’s my choice that he goes first – in the shower, out, dressed whereas I have different needs (and time issues obviously) 😊

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  6. Leave home five minutes earlier? what wise commenters you have!
    At over 50 I am still incapable of leaving home a millisecond before it’s totally necessary, which leads to some road stress 🙂


    1. If we’re going out as a couple I usually ask The Golfer what leaving time he had in mind then deduct 15 mins so I’m definitely ready when he’s about to get the car out.
      This Tuesday malarkey could be solved if left earlier but sure as fate everything would flow properly and I’d be too early (meal times/snacks are at set times) so I’d be twiddling my thumbs there and not at the lights


  7. While driving to the pool in the morning. I’m surrounded but tradies utes
    And they’re all in a hurry changing lanes in the dark with rain pelting down
    And all doing more than the speed limit.
    Seriously if your running late maybe get up earlier


  8. I have the opposite problem. They were doing roadworks on the route to my sons house when we moved here. It took 25 minutes door to door. After 18 months roadworks done, diversion removed, it now takes less than 20 minutes. I am permantly early as I still leave half an hour to get there!


  9. it helped me today to read your musings of your day and find that others go through the same things I do, traffic just maked me crazy, the kind you are describing. I try to only go where there is the least and I don’t work, so that makes me a little better. but I do get hot under the collar a lot with things I have no control over. like hubby and traffic


    1. I’m usually fairly calm and confident on the road Sandra…..just every now and again I get annoyed. They won’t be charging me with road rage…just yet😊


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