What not to do….

Shop when you’re hungry!
You never know what might end up in your trolley

Interesting shapesthey might be good for an afternoon snack

Don’t bother…..

Hard to describe – like eating awful cardboard tasting air

~ ~ ~ ~

Easy to cook for quick lunch – could be good on a roll with salad

Don’t bother….

Very small and thin – size of product v size of box deceiving ( deliberate??)
Says made from Fish and Potato – think they left the fish out of this packet.

Soft and squidgy, almost gooey, not a pleasant taste at all

(The Golfer will eat almost anything.
But turned his nose up when I suggested he finish them up another day)

~ ~ ~ ~

Just have to remember the golden rule

9 thoughts on “What not to do….

  1. LOL but sometimes you find a new product that is great!
    With the fish cakes I would chop them up and add to something else…or smother them in a tasty sauce.


  2. Yes, those crackers and similar are not worth bothering with. I’m pleased to hear very few fish were harmed in the production of the fish cakes.


  3. I can’t eat any packet food.
    It all tastes as if it’s made of the same stuff the packaging is.


  4. neither of these looks appealing to me. I agree 100% to not shopping on empty. I always buy more than I need. I have 2 frozen veggie burgers in the freezer, the box did have 6 and I gagged down 4 of them, bob refused to eat them, and now they have been in there so long I should toss them. I agree with Angela that packet food is UGH. my friend has a mentally handicap son who lives alone in his apartment and has diabetes. they made a shopping list and he can shop by himself and knows how many of each to eat to keep his sugar right. he knows to eat 2 frozen dinners at lunch, can’t think of the brand and does really well, I thought I will try that and see if I can lose weight. this was several years ago… lucky me I only bought two of them because I ate one and could not eat the other. tastless glue


  5. My sister and I loved putting beer and cigarettes in our mom’s shopping cart when she wasn’t looking. Mom was the preacher’s wife and we loved to see her shock as she tried to put things back while we giggled.


  6. Birds Eye are supposed to be a good brand. Not the fish cakes. So disappointing when those crackers turn out like cardboard or something is tasteless. I’ve been humming and haaaing about fish fingers for a while. Now and again I like something totally processed. I’ll try Captain Igloo instead


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