Left hand down a bit

Right or left?
Oh left, it’s easier!
Just let it hang loosely. I’ll do the rest!

Is that it, are you finished already?
Yes, we use really fine ones these days. Just have to note that down and you’ll be on your way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Left or right?
Your choice, there might be a problem
Just let me see, then I’ll decide. Let it relax, it works better that way

Oh you were good, where have you been all my life.
I used a fine one and I’ve been tending the sick. Just sign here and you’ll be on your way

~ ~ ~ ~

Two different practice rooms – two very skilled female pathology nurses ….one rehired after retiring – the other changing ‘her area of interest’ after burning out elsewhere.
Both made me welcome and both came up close and personal with my left arm😊

Okay so I was just having my latest (4th) Covid jab….now referred to as the ’winter booster’….and then on a very early cold morning (with an empty stomach) having blood drawn for annual tests but they both involved people sticking needles into my arm and I’ve had mixed experience with them over the years.

Extensive bruising from having an injection in the upper arm wasn’t usual, according to one doctor….who then said ’I’ll have a word with her’ when I told him it was one of his own practice nurses who done it. I haven’t seen her since so I’m assuming his word was final.
Slight bruising in the crook of my arm after blood drawing seems to be the norm for me but not dark purple coloured spreading in all directions as happened after I heard someone muttering ’where on earth are you’ accompanied by pushing and prodding the needle in out and around both arms trying to find vein.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So I’m hoping that’s that for another year

Although I had a little laugh thinking forget the pub or the local coffee shop, those rooms ’were the place to be’……both times sitting there waiting I saw/chatted with people I hadn’t seen for quite a while.
”Did you hear about xxxxx – s/he died”

8 thoughts on “Left hand down a bit

  1. I can remember being up at the hospital having an intravenous course of drugs started. The nurse said ‘oops, I exploded that vein’. EIGHT hours later someone finally succeeded in hooking me up. And my arms were a mess. At about the four hour mark I told them that a self respecting junkie would have done a better job. They were unimpressed. But so was I.

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  2. At the labs I have the baby butterfly as my veins appear to be thin and secretive.
    When I was in hospital at odd times, they just kept jabbing, couldn’t care less! The bruise on my hand was dreadful…everyone who I came in contact for weeks was worried I’d broken said hand! The ones in crook of arm under a long sleeved top…

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  3. I have a nice fat vein in my left elbow crook for blood draws. It can get a bit iffy if they fool around too long, though.

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  4. They always have a terrible time putting a line into me! The bruises are always impressive. There are usually at least two different people giving it a go, and it hurts. I’ll be facing this again this month with my upcoming surgery, hoping for someone experienced to do the jabbing!

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  5. Some are just so skilled at injections and taking blood. Some are not. If you find a good injector and blood taker, stick with them.

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  6. it does make a huge dfference who jabs and draws blood. we had the kind that was hunting for bob’s Iv shunt for his surgery. me being who I am, I said to the head nurse, I do not want her putting that in his arm. I told her my friends best friend in the same room we were in had the shunt put in an artery and had a massive stroke and that the woman was making me a nervous wreck. she took over and easily found the right place and assured me it was NOT in an artery. glad you had two good experiences


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