If you’re interested….

Guess whats back on…later in the year…..in real time

Even though I will never get the chance to attend, I love the idea of showcasing and celebrating a particular hobby of mine.
Yes, knitting and the style called Fair Isle

But it’s much more than that

Shetland Wool Week is a world renowned celebration of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, the Shetland textile industry and the rural farming community on these islands.

source ~ https://www.shetlandwoolweek.com

After a couple of years of online / virtual events (because of ’you know what’) the much loved annual event known as Shetland Wool Week has returned – see link below 👇

Part of the fun is the Hat – each year there is a new design –

2022 Hat

You can find photos (and sometimes their patterns) of previous years online – even if you don’t knit the actual design they provide inspiration for what you might/could do – remember the delightful Baa-ble (Donna Smith 2015) that had us all adding sheep borders to children’s woolies

If you’re interested this year’s hat is called Bonnie Isle designed by Linda Shearer

Link to 2022 Hat Pattern 👇👇👇….also available on SWW website

14 Replies to “If you’re interested….”

    1. Well you’re one up on me Carol…..I have tried to learn crochet many times but my left hand just cannot master holding the yarn. We’ve seen lots of your quilts – maybe you could show some of your hand work sometime

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      1. Will do!! Never thought of it. I have a purple flask that I covered in crochet. Submitted it to the County Fair but they said they didn’t have a category to put it in, though they thought it was beautiful and very well done.


  1. I could knit and crochet but my “hands” do not agree well. I was just thinking about a shawl I’ve on some needles which I should attempt to finish…Never got the hang of Fair Isle but that okay sounds like you are a master of it…hears to a new one this year from you.

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      1. Don’t fret Catherine, you’re not blocked….. I accidentally published Friday’s post and quickly put it back into draft. You’ll be welcome to read it on Friday. see you then😊

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  2. My favourite yarn shop (Little Woolie Makes in Hastings) teaches colourwork. I so want to learn but am overwhelmed by the thought although apparently it is quite easy once you get the hang of carrying the yarn. Maybe I’ll just try and knit a plain pair of socks instead!


  3. You’ll be right with colour work – honestly there’s nothing to fret over. Now as far as me and socks are concerned…..forget it!


  4. F would love it. She went to Shetland many years ago and came back with so much wool she was still knitting some of it when we went into lockdowns. She reckons the wool shops there are the knitters version of those ball pit things that kids love playing in.


  5. Oh how I’d love to be able to knit like this
    Maybe one day. Who knows. I might watch a YouTube and try


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