Winter Day16

It might be my imagination but everything seems to be a bit different this winter. The cold is colder, the rain more constant, the leaves on my little Japanese Maple seem to be redder, plus the nuts on the Corymbia at the library (see HERE) are definitely larger

The snow has come earlier, with bigger heavier dumps……this is the report from Mt Buller a resort less than 3hrs away – just a short drive up the road

Mt Buller celebrated the traditional season ‘kick-off’ with record snow levels and bumper visitation for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
It’s the most snow we’ve ever recorded for a June long weekend and everyone is amazed to be skiing and boarding on the amount of cover we usually wait until mid-season to experience,” Read all about it here – Source

I wonder if this past weekend’s opening celebrations involved any of this?

I know I’ll be celebrating when we’ve done this drive to winter warmth

Just 3 weeks to go😎

2,500 kms!


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  1. I’ve no idea if trees are different but apparently are main snow fields are well endowed…I’m sick to death of the rain, especially when forecast says cloudy is isolated light showers. Yes there are breaks of weak sun, then a cold winter rain blast comes through. I’ve not been out much this week, as I’ve had a kind of hay fever. Usually when the season changes dramatically which it has wind and rain stirs up the sky and earth “dust”,…but I’m mending.


  2. It really is colder this year. I’m feeling it
    Let’s hope it’s not a long winter as well as
    I’d love to be going up north but we just don’t have the time right now.
    Maybe next year. Who knows.


  3. That maple is looking fabulous,. My father eould be so envious; he wanted a glorious scarlet maple in successive garden he planted and never lived to see one really flourish and return him some decent results.


  4. That’s a very long drive you do every winter. Worth it for the warmth obviously.Australia is so very big, such different climates. You’ve got the tropics at one end and Antarctica at the other lol


  5. It has been greyer and damper here – and more ‘miserable’, but we have had less frosts. And no really vicious ones so far, despite regularly seeing snow on nearby hills.


  6. at the same time you are colder, we here in USA are HOTTER.. the whole country has record breaking heat.. the weather map looks like 3/4 of the states are on fire with heat. places that have never been this hot are hot..


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