I found it…

I knew it was somewhere…..and here it is

Trouble is – if I received this 69yrs ago – how old does that make me 😟😯

(We had planned to have a few days away – in the end we decided we’d rather be cold at home)

12 thoughts on “I found it…

  1. What a treasure. Definitely a family heirloom
    Don’t think about the time that’s what I do.
    Yes bring home with the heat on is definitely the wiser option.


  2. My father happened to be in England on business when the queen was crowned. The whole procession passed below his hotel window, and he was in picture heaven.


  3. What a neat treasure. I still have trouble connecting the Queen of England to all of her commonwealths. Doesn’t it feel like some obscure figure that’s not really connected to your country until there’s a celebration or a funeral? Linda in Kansas


  4. Cold at home! We so get that. At least ho e has all the clothes, all the blankets, all the right comfortable chairs, the right snacks in the cupboards, and the right things to find to do if you do get a little fidgety.


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