It’s a living thing…..

(Conversations with your children often bring up long forgotten memories)

Summer 1978 – The Golfer and I were the best parents in the world!

At least that’s what we were told that February evening as we all sat near the front (not up the back on the grass) of the Myer Music Bowl waiting to hear this sung in real life

Sailin’ away on the crest of a wave, it’s like magic 
Oh, rollin’ and ridin’ and slippin’ and slidin’, it’s magic 
And you and your sweet desire 
You took me, oh (higher and higher, baby)…

’Our Big Girl’ has been home for a short while – this time last year they left town (towing their home behind them) looking forward to doing ’a big lap’ of Australia.
So far they’ve had the time of their lives.

Yes, so far, is what she said – because decisions have been made and they are going to be off again fairly soon to give it another go and see some of the things they missed.
Impressions so far – contrary to what some may say – everything’s alive out there.

Australia is a living thing!

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Monday morning again and I’m sitting here in the quiet with that early cup of tea I enjoy so much wondering about how I’ll feel when the words Good Bye are spoken this time. We’ve given her ‘roots and wings’ , she’s acknowledged them several times , so I’m comfortable waving her off again….maybe it’s just me wondering if time is running out – wondering if I’ve lived all my dreams, – are there any more waves for me to crest’?

How about you – do you ever feel like life is passing you by

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28 thoughts on “It’s a living thing…..

  1. I wonder if our parents had same thoughts… I’m sure that so much of my own dreams are fuelled by this here gadget. I can scroll through pages of interesting articles from places well away from my local newspaper. Places that once were only in an encyclopedia, that thing called a static book. Now the moving image if I so wish to search for it.
    I know I still wish to achieve a variety of living things but some I’ll only achieve by watching this here gadget…

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  2. The best is certainly behind me. It’s no one’s fault that my partner is older than me and no longer has the energy to do certain things, or the patience. It holds me back a little but I don’t really mind. Some things I now just do on my own.

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    1. I know from what you’ve mentioned previously that cruising isn’t your favourite way to travel but they are a boon when one of the party is unable to keep up with the other. If they’re willing to compromise the active one can go ashore the other stays onboard both enjoy the benefits of onboard hospitality.


    1. Now they’ve decided to be ‘unemployed & living on love’ there are no time restrictions on their travels. They’re both fit and healthy so should be able to pick up casual work on the road.


    1. Life can be a mixture of people places and events Kylie…..we all approach it in our own way within our own limitations. Unexpected happenings like the floods bring lots of unexpected opportunities – it was the right time in your life to give to others.


    1. I suppose life is passing by for us all EC….i sometimes wonder if we expect too much to happen and that’s why we’re disappointed with what does turn up and how we deal with it. I’m just in a miserable mood at the moment- I’ll get over it.


    1. That was a very special event Corinne. One of those warm summer evenings when the world seems just right. Yes there was love in the air (no children bickering or arguing either 😊).

      Their stay has been extended another week or two so when they have time to pop round we are enjoying every minute of their company. When they do go it’ll be up the east coast in more depth than this time last year- covid restrictions meant they travelled north fairly quickly to where there were less infections.


  3. You brought her up well. She’s spread her wings and she’s really flying. Good on them. Get out there, see and do it all, while you can!

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    1. Thanks Linda – as the saying goes ‘She’s apples now’. There’s been lots of false starts, wrong decisions, wrong men – but she’s always come up smiling.


    1. That’s great news gigi – enjoy your time together. It’ll be good to gather with the others and be a family united once more. I see lots of hugs and chats (and maybe laughter)


  4. The idea of “living on love” can’t help but remind me of a favorite Adrienne Rich poem “Living in Sin.” It doesn’t apply to your offspring, but it sure reminded me of me at that age. “We thought the studio would keep itself; No dust on the furniture of love.” Loads of love to them and you.

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    1. Yes Elizabeth now this 12 months of leave has finished they took the bold decision (both in their 50s) to give notice….leave the ‘rat race’ go back on the road and live off their capital. It’s been a hard slog negotiating different states with different covid rules, regulations, restrictions but they succeeded (and stayed fit and healthy). I’m a little jealous but accepting, that even though there are others of our age travelling full time, 4 months of being away from home during the winter is how it is for us.

      I’ll have to see if I can find a copy of the poem you referred to. I’ve been known to think the house would keep itself….

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    1. lol That was back in 1978 Dar….he could be touring elsewhere but I doubt will return to Australia. Was a great night one that’s for sure.
      Even at my age those ‘what am I going to do and why aren’t I doing it’ moods are more evident- the covid years seem to have ‘robbed us’ us things we didn’t even have plans to do (if you follow my meaning) and then again…..


      1. Haha, I looked it up to see if Jeff Lynne is actually touring this year, and he is! I agree that in this Covid era, we’ve been deprived of the ability to make plans and look forward to things.


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