Water Water Everywhere…

I’ve been known to hang on to things…….just in case.

My other excuse is often – it’ll come in handy……

When – we don’t know, but it’s there just in case

Discussing our winter ‘going up north again’ plans and what to take with us, we (The Golfer and myself) had another look at some ’just in case/might come in handy/ you never know when’ items the other weekend.
That’s when the word water bottles cropped up

Not so much the flimsy plastic ’comes in all shapes & sizes’ single use throw away ones you buy water in – though they’re bad enough……..more the keep and carry (sometimes plastic) ones seen in the hands of those who take hydration seriously.

Someone I know – let’s just say not me – has a likeing for water bottles. He has quite a few lot…..He’s out and about on the golf course in all weathers so definitely needs to be hydrated and (for him) filling a bottle with water from a dedicated tap at the 9th hole is ’not on’ so he carts his own (along with all the other weird and wonderful things that come tumbling out of his bag when he’s looking for something.)

I do have water in the car but can usually quench my thirst somewhere during the day.

So after going through the garage, various cupboards and cars, we came to an understanding – that we (he?) did not need the collection of water bottles we (he?) seemed to have gathered.
When he was ’into volunteering’ each event had a water bottle supplied – suitably emblazoned with good/bad/ugly….usually necessary logos and advertising.
Lots had been used then tossed aside (not away) in favour of others so after our chat he chose some to hang on to….not to use now……but just in case!

Most of them went into the rubbish and recycling bins

And as well as what he calls his ’good ones’ these others 👇 are what he kept

Now I love him dearly and I understand there are memories attached to each one and I can’t complain when I think about what I’ve still got tucked away….BUT

  • These few have never been used, just been gathering dust (and dirt) in the garage
  • Souvenirs of special events that made the most impression on him – Melbourne Commonwealth Games – Fina World Swimming Championships – Australian Youth Olympics – various National Australian Canoeing events plus a couple of other org. I don’t remember
  • Look at the dates – (You might have to enlarge to see) …..2006 2007 2013
  • They’ve already been there a fair while so I’m wondering how much longer they’ll have to wait for their….‘I knew they’d come in handy’ ….time to shine 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

And then of course there’s these

but they have my name on so no explanation is necessary 😊


14 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere…

  1. I think we all have “come in handy one day”. I have a love hate relationship with water bottles as they really aren’t fit for long time use…they leak! Or they are hard to sip!

    I think take photos of the memories, write a story for when you need to remind yourself if those glorious occasions.

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  2. My issue with those cheap plastic bottles (the ones given away with marketing) is that they are nearly impossible to clean and end up with mould in them.
    Himself and I had just such a conversation about ‘just in case’ as he was clearing out the garage for hard rubbish collection. My ‘just in case’ tends to be bits of yarn so completely sensible and understandable.

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  3. Crikey and i thought we had a lot. Ours are mostly metal and come from saling events so also emblazoned with logos and advertising. We approve of the keeping of momentoes. Those memories are in souvenirs, and aren’t beind stored ‘just in case’.

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  4. Mr E had a collection of water bottles too. What am I supposed to do with them. I’d keep the Olympics one, you never know it might be worth something one day….

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  5. The semi permanent bottles weigh more so I prefer those you throw away, except I don’t until they look…unhygienic, usually about after four months. It is not so easy to get the strong ones as you used to be able. 711’s blueish water bottles last well.

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  6. I did a clean out of those water bottles but I think they have been breeding
    We seem to have just as many now as we did when I threw a heap of them out
    Maybe they found their way back home lol

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  7. We used to have glasses from various wine events – many, many of them. And the small narrow tasting glasses we both hate. Finally bit the bullet a c6ew years ago and chucked them. It felt GOOD!

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  8. we have zero water bottles. We both have insulated water glasses, 2 each. that is for home drinking and we each have an insulated take with cup for coffee or water. we don’t need anything to take with because we never go anywhere to need it. we are never away from home more than an hour and we are walking distance to water no matter where we go. no getting stranded without water, we could just walk home. BUT I do have a THING about boxes, there are only 4 in the closet now but that is because I tossed a ton of them a couple of weeks ago in the recycle. the 4 in the closet are just SO NICE and STURDY, I keep thinking I will need one… I have not mailed a package in many years, so can’t think why I might NEED one

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  9. When my husband left the family home a few years ago, he left all his stuff here. When I recently asked him to go through his garage treasures and put them on the clean up, he came over at dusk, couldn’t see very well in the garage and went home again saying he couldnt see well enough to throw anything out!

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  10. With all the stuff I have going on I only JUST realised that this is the post from our post idea swap. Forgive me.
    you did well, proving that a talented writer can make a post out of just about anything


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