And the answer is….

When I first saw these I was like….oh these are fun

They were cropping up everywhere

And yes my answers were 1 4 & 3 because, as you know, gravity and all that

But ’others’ were coming up with different answers and then the penny clicked

Yam was almost there……you must look more closely at the diagrams

Not 1 what about 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Same here – not 4 possibly 9

~ ~ ~ ~

Count 3 out on this one – could be 6

~ ~ ~ ~

However…did you notice?

  • 1 4 & 3 are blocked at the entrance – BUT so are 2 9 & 6 (see the tips of their ‘pipes’) all of those cups will stay empty. Which means the tanks on the left fill and the liquid rises to flow right.
  • 4 7 & 7 look to be the first answers but….they’re all blocked as well.
  • And so is 8 in the water puzzle
  • Which leaves 3 5 & 9 as the winners

7 thoughts on “And the answer is….

  1. My granddaughter and I spent a lot of time when she was younger on video games based on this question. Thanks for letting me remember the fun.


  2. Ok, so I was wrong. It was too obvious and easy to work out, incorrectly it seems. I am bad at seeing things in my own photos, so I expect nothing better of me. Anyway, it was a good one.


  3. These pop up all the time on Facebook and with my eyesight sometimes I don’t see the little lines that block
    Very annoying lol
    I posted a pic of the back of the blanket if you want to pop over and see


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