Things to do….or not to do

(A forgotten draft post from quite a little while ago)

Had a little chat with my UK based baby brother last week.

Are you going out and about now?

Are the case numbers still high where you are?
No, just can’t be bothered,

So no pub?
No, not even the pub. Tried it to begin with
Now can’t be bothered. Too much of a hassle, too many people.
I’m content staying close to home

~ ~ ~ ~

We laughed and went on to chat about how things had changed

For years many had the attitude of Y O L O (you only live once) – spend up, take risks, enjoy life, blow the consequences – followed by F O M O (fear of missing out) – constantly wanting/needing to know and worrying about missing out on something.

Then along came ’The Pandemic’ – sometimes called Corona Virus – Covid19 – Rona – ‘Strange Times’ even ’You Know What’ – and even though we have constantly been assured all is well out there, some still have F O G O (fear of going out)

Now a new variant has arrived – H O G O (hassle of going out). Something baby brother and I have been feeling. That ‘do I have to go’ – ‘there’s always another time’ – ‘do I have to wear a mask’ – ‘how many will be there’ feeling.

Even though we want to, it’s all too much.

It appears we’ve both settled on J O M O (joy of missing out) as our sweet spot

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weeks on now …..We’re both feeling much better 😊

I’m enjoying resumed activities and he’s starting to visit his favourite pub. Both of us are still cautious, not fearful, just wary of people and places plus keep a mask in our pocket and wear it when or if necessary.
Don’t know about the UK – but since our government has basically ’left us to do our own thing’ known daily positive case numbers in Victoria are averaging 10,000 a day

So it’s still out there!

How about you – are you feeling more safe, secure and comfortable or is it still a hassle

21 thoughts on “Things to do….or not to do

  1. I go in waves…of going out/staying in. I’ve tried to make a date with a short local walk daily. Mostly I miss one day a week of that dedicated walk. Like on Saturday when I used the excuse that a friend took me to a large hardware store then a smaller box place and I walked up and down aisles.

    Every now and then I make a list of specific places I’ll go to. Then weeks later I find that list! HOGO

    It’s late autumn now…unseasonable various weather. Best to stick to local short walks.

    Oh well, at least I have creative things to do here…

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    1. I think we’re all finally coming to terms with the fact it’s never going to be the same as it was before. A little extra each day/week is worth aiming for!

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  2. We have moved from FOMO directly into JOMO. We never went through HOGO because we are still in our personal lockdown mode. Hubby has to work in a crowded setting, so we have travelled though this thing without the option to isolate completely, and that is more than enough risk to live with, particularly before there were vaccines.
    We go to medical appointments, and have ventured into stores when it is vital and there are absolutely no other options. I have been isolated for two years and three months, and have become very accustomed to this way of life. We do go out for walks, but keep our distance from others and take our masks. If we need something we order it from a local store that will offer safe pickup, or from amazon where it gets delivered to the front door. This weeks we have a house inspection for work that needs doing, and we are both suffering anxiety about the necessary intrusion, even though safety protocols will be respected. But for our situation at the moment we are definitely comfortable and not pining for any type of social life beyond our own company. The world left us behind and we like it back here.

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    1. Life for those in circumstances like yours Maggie never becomes easier does it……it’s good you’ve both accepted the quiet life is the way to go at the moment.


  3. Although we are going more, doing more, we still stay close to home. No traveling for us, but we are enjoying seeing people and interacting again. I’m loving being back on the school site and getting to interact with small children and staff.

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    1. That one thing would have been rewarding for you after the enforced covid break. It’s still a bit worrying though isn’t it


  4. On a daily basis we are back to close to normal but gosh I wish more people would wear masks. However, I think overseas travel might be a thing of the past for us. I still could but my partner is just getting too old and tends to panic at the slightest thing.

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    1. I hear you both on the maskless ones as well as o/seas travel. It will be a while before we consider many ‘treats’ that were taken for granted previously.


    1. The lockdowns didn’t bother me – I’m content with my own company….it’s just things at the moment if we are out and about all seems fine on the surface but underneath there’s still ‘worries’ about who we’re mixing with and whether they are carriers


  5. I like to get out and about. Disability has taken a lot of opportunities from me so I’ll take what’s left while I have it.
    Having said that, disability means I was thinking about the hassle of going out long ago and I often decide it’s not worth it

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  6. I am exactly like you
    I’d rather just stay home. I am trying to get out more. With the help with my friends. But usually while we are sitting having a coffee and a laugh I’ll suddenly get the urge to just go home. And I have to leave. They are understanding and I am getting better
    But still that fear is always there

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    1. Yes Angela it’s a case of we have to get on with things but not forget it’s there….trouble is we have no idea where


  7. Not being the kind to suffer FOMO, and never having been particularly put off anything by this damned plague, F is now blaming advancing age for Annoyance at Having to Go out…in a couple of weeks a huge shipping trade fair called Posiedonia will hit Athens and Piraeus – going out is expected. She has just seen an invitation to someone’s party that starts at 22:30 (yes late at night – and miles away) – can’t be bothered. She might give into a couple of relaxed lunches, but anything that starts ‘join us for a drink’ went straight in the bin. Life is too short to spend any of it watching people you don’t much care for throwing alcohol down their throats. Reserve it for family and friends.

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    1. I disliked ‘work do’s’ intensely and always tried to have an excuse to get out of them. Yes sometimes making an appearance to represent your company is a necessary evil but having to enjoy it definitely not in one’s terms and conditions


  8. I want to thank you for this post. and to ask if I can share this? and is this hogo fogo something you came up with or is it OUT on the internet. this is the first time anyone has put into words EXACTLY how I feel and so does my husband. We were easy to get into all of these because at heart we are both homebodys and have always been, now it is just to much to deal with. I will think, I need to contact so and so and make a date to meet, weeks later I am still not doing it…

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  9. As one who had to keep going, due to caring for husband , going out was never an issue. Plus I did get Covid from my son in his house . So I am loving going out for fun now. But I do get tired and need stay at home days


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