Oh look, here’s another one….

The Golfer has ’suddenly’ become interested in his family tree

That means I’m the one doing the research while he looks on and ‘admires’ the results

It’s probably been there for quite a while but I’ve discovered a new (free) research site

If anyone’s interesting in going down online rabbit holes this one is pretty good



There are links to the original free BDM site plus some free census. But it was the VERY old parish BDM records (think 1700s) that held my interest. Both his paternal lines were/are entrenched in small Essex villages so one surname or the other plus a place name brought up so many facts – and a maiden name to boot😊

(And that’s where I’ve been this past week or more – it definitely cut into my blogging time!)

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  1. F has a cousin on each side of her family who was addicted to family research for years (and years before resources became available online), so she has been spared the need to get curious about the genealogy of her ancestors.


  2. Some day I will try and explore my father’s family. I have to be feeling brave though because I strongly suspect that most of his family died in the holocaust. He couldn’t/wouldn’t ever talk about it…


  3. I once stopped blogging for two days when I obsessively became hooked on family research. I got over it after a while. Nevertheless, I do have records and I know more about our family than anyone except for my mother, who has it all in her head.


  4. I go down a lot of rabbit holes, but this is one I don’t care to fall into.. Bob’s brother did their family tree when he fell down the hole and sent it to me in excell spread sheet, bob has never looked at it and since I never knew any of his family it is sitting on a flash drive for the kids to throw out when we die…. i do love a good rabbit hole though


  5. I did my side of the family fairly rigorously. I should look into my divorced husband’s genealogy, as he is half the kids, but never seem able to work up to it.


  6. Let me loose on Ancestry and I’m like the kid in the Candy Shop although I do keep telling myself one day, with all that research I’ve done, I’ll write a book….I just have to get it into order first!


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