It’s amazing what you find…

When you’re not really looking

Fountains next to benches – lighthouses next to benches

Cannons next to cafes – statues next to cafes

But my favourite find was this row of redundant cinema seats placed on a dune overlooking a beach in Bowen
An opportunity too hard to resist – using retrieved items discarded when local cinema had ’a clear out’
Sadly the council didn’t see the fun of watching the sunset in comfort

Benches plus – seen on our travels

~ ~ ~ ~

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6 Replies to “It’s amazing what you find…”

  1. Bowen’s beaches are beautiful…magnificent. And the last time I spent time there they’d not yet been spoiled like those on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. “Progress” has not yet caught up with them…or they with progress.


  2. I wonder why they had to put the statue in the fountain. Poor bloke doomed to spend eternity with soggy feet.
    All beaches should have comfortable chairs for sunset watching


  3. A bench, a row of old cinema seats, wherever they are, they are places to sit and admire what’s around you, have a think. Our council has placed a few benches where we can sit and rest and look around. I wish they would put more so we can sit and watch the world go by.


  4. all of the benches and the finds are wonderful, the seats at the beach are amazing and what a super idea…. I have seen those type on a couple of front porches before but never on a beach


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