Some are difficult – this one’s easy

I have decided I am sick and tired of this federal election campaign.

All the…….He said/she said – they did/haven’t done – we will/ they wont – we promise to……is driving me nuts. The rhetoric is far more obvious this year

I’m wondering where the forest of money trees is because there’s so much of it suddenly appearing out of nowhere and being waved around in front of peoples faces – you do this for us (give us your vote) and we’ll do that for you

I’d really like to hear from the candidates in my local electorate but seemingly letterbox drops are not the way to go these days.
There are 11 names contesting this large seat ( 2,481 square kilometres on the very eastern edge of the Melbourne metropolitan area, running east from Kilsyth and Mooroolbark into the upper Yarra Valley and south beyond Mount Dandenong to Belgrave. The electorate includes Wandin, Healesville, Yarra Junction and Warburton.) all of whom think (rightly or wrongly – foolishly/hopefully) they will take over representing us from the retiring former Speaker of the House.

Wake me up on Sunday May 22 and tell me the result because – maybe shortsightedly – until then, my eyes and ears are closed to certain subjects.

13 thoughts on “Decisions…..

  1. Hari OM
    We are only having local elections in the UK (akin to states in OZ) and it’s bad enough. Everyone is kinda wishing it was a General so we could have a go at ousting the Buffoon… but we have to make do with it as it is for now. The whole world has gone kerazy I fear… YAM xx


    1. I’m just waiting and hoping- unfortunately we have to warn people to be careful what they wish for……it could go either way with unforeseen consequences.


  2. Our election campaigns for the province began today. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to filter the news by keyword!!!!! I am not interested in the smoke and mirrors, I know what the politicians have done, let their actions speak, the rest is… I won’t use that language but you get my drift.


    1. It must be the season Maggie!……for some reason it’s going on all over the world at all levels of government. This time round I’ve no interest at all and can’t wait for it all to be over and done with


  3. If you didn’t know who was who you wouldn’t know which party they represented as so far I have heard not a word about policies in their ads. I’ll join you in blissful slumber til the 22nd.


  4. the best filter for politics is turn of the radio, tv, lay down the newspaper. I have done that but live with a husband who has now done this. no way to hide comepletely


    1. I’ve done the same Sandra….but like you live with one who must see and hear and tell me (and the tv) exactly what he thinks is going to happen


  5. I know just what you mean. A lot of rhetorical hot air and most of it stinks. Hope the best man wins.


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