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Oh dear, its a very personal thing on my mind this week – my bathing costume is starting to sag – and I’m beginning to wonder ’does my bum look big in that’

This one is a few years old (minus 2 for non covid use) and cost me what I thought was a small fortune at the time. Chlorine played havoc with previous ones – body shape means many dept store ones don’t fit well – this one came from what I call ’a specialist shop’ – so as I paid well over $100 then; goodness knows what I’d be up for now.

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I can remember years ago deciding to add water to my exercise plan ( I did have one in those days) putting my cossy on at home, being a bit concerned with what I saw in the mirror. Then rocking up to the local indoor pool and seeing it full of like minded oldies all doing their laps with exercise classes in the shallow end – needless to say nobody was too fussed about exposing their body and all its rolly polly bits to other people who all looked the same 😊

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By the time I got down yesterday all the early birds had been and gone – just a couple of energetic young men doing laps and lots of babes and toddlers having lessons in the ’tiny pool’ – so I had all the exercise area to myself. No worries about showing off my saggy baggy rear end!

Schools will be back next week…..and that’s something else. The noise 35 active children make is unbelievable but its great to see them in their groups learning water safety while laughing and having fun. One bus load arrives as the other is drying off – planning and dedicated swimming teachers plus parents and staff willing to allow/encourage youngsters the chance to become competent swimmers. A necessity here in Australia – as well as elsewhere in the world.


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    1. This one was advertised as being ‘chlorine resistant’ Maggie and I have to say it’s lasted much longer than any other previous one. Now it’s just finding a swim suit retailer who’s still in business – many closed up during the pandemic.


  1. I have been thinking that I need to get back to the pool. And this post reminds me I need to check my costume first. Chlorine is a killer isn’t it?
    I can remember an exercise class that was often underway at the time I was swimming laps. Many of the participants had their hair done and make up on!!! Not for me.


    1. I’ll agree with you on the chlorine observation EC – this one (seemingly ‘treated fabric) has lasted much longer than any others. Sometimes we have to go for’the best’


  2. Not only are 35 kids earsplitting but there is something about the acoustics of ‘aquatic centres’ that amplifies it all several magnitudes. I buy Aussie swimming cozzies in UK because i prefer mine with knee length legs on them and agree they vost a substantial sum. In Greece it seems to be bikini for every woman irrespective of age or design. I am regarded as an oddity and have often been asked if I feel cold in the water. Doh?


    1. Bet there’s no bum sag in those😊. Actually if you’re a ‘serious swimmer’ they would help you glid through the water like an Olympian


  3. I started in the pool in 2006 when i retired, then we shut down for 2020 and my body decided to add the disease called IBS and I could not go back when they reopened. We have a pool in the back yard and now that the water is up to 80 I can get in it and no one sees the stretched falling apart suit. hubby still swims and for some reason his bathings suits last a couple of years and he swims 3 t 5 times a week.


    1. I’m with you on the water being above freezing….my local pool is heated to about 29c/about 84f and that’s cool enough for me. Outside with warm air and sunshine that would be just right.

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