Take time for all things….

I’ve always been of the opinion we must open our eyes and ears to everything
‘Read mark listen and learn’ was drummed into me from a young age

And where sport and the arts were concerned it was – “Open your eyes”
“Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean there’s no merit to it”

So back in the 1970s my oldest children were the ones who introduced me to Queen. I/me a lover of ‘50s rock and roll plus many other forms of music, was well into my 30s when Bohemian Rhapsody was released. I loved it….and many others that followed!

Whether you liked the band, the man, his music and his lifestyle – or not

Take 5 minutes to listen – and maybe sing along

‘Different voices’ were optional – but I know you all gave it a try😊

Linking to Denyse’s ~ Life’s Stories. She is telling an revealing one today

21 Replies to “Take time for all things….”

  1. Yes, the article opened. And was a moving and well written tribute to a man who is still loved by many. Including those who were born after his death.
    Thank you.


    1. I felt the same, unfortunately you only get one read for free – when I returned to reread fa paywall turned up.


  2. I suggest it is a masterpiece. I was eighteen when I first heard Rhapsody and into my recently bought first car I had installed a very good car radio with this new broadcasting system, FM Radio. The sound of the song turned up very loud was mind blowing.


    1. Andrew the rebel! It was – still is – ‘stirring listen to me’ music just right for blaring out f open car windows


  3. It is a classic. Every generation recognises it. Freddie’s story is so sad. Such talent and so tormented. The fact that the band still exists in one form or another shows that the talent wasn’t just the lead. Great memories – thank you.


  4. One of the best. I love Queen. Freddy put so much energy and talent into every song/opera. Marvellous


  5. a comment said every generation knows the song. I have never heard it and do not know Queen. I listened to 2 minutes of it and not my thing. i am the doo opp generations. my kids were teens in the 70’s and I am sure they know it.


    1. Maybe it depended on where you were living Sandra also your radio/tv stations had a lot to do with which music people are hearing. It would be a sad old world if we all liked the same things wouldn’t it 🙂


  6. Thank you for sharing this. I can’t stop listening and remembering all my children and their friends singing. I sang silently in the kitchen and now I can sing loudly in my house alone.


    1. Tubular Bells, gosh I haven’t heard that for years. It just went on and on without sounding repetitive didn’t it. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to ‘utoob’ it to listen again

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