I’m doing it….

With the strange unseasonably cool/cold/snowy weather they’re having

I think this might be happening all over the Northern Hemisphere

When I saw that meme last week I immediately thought of this photo

~ ~ ~

On one of our Alaskan cruises we were upgraded

– and had a balcony –

the weather had turned unseasonably cold but I was determined to use it!

(Just once)

~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!


10 thoughts on “I’m doing it….

  1. I love Cruising. And if I ever do it again. I’ll definitely have a balcony
    The one time we didn’t get one I missed it.
    I’m still waiting on the wether to turn cold so I can have my fire going 24/7 I miss it’s homey feeling


  2. You remind me of a breakfast. Mr E made himself in an American motel because he could. It was so unlike him. He was brought up on a vegetarian organic diet and always banged on about food quality. What did he eat. Neon coloured cereal followed by a self made waffle, because he could.


  3. I am not fond at all of cold weather, thus the last 40 years in Florida… to funny you on your balcony determined to do it…


  4. Sally (5) was reading the cartoon. She got to the ‘dammit’, paused, looked at me and said “bad word – never mind we’ll read it and move on” and proceeded to do just that!


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