Just a little something

I wish I’d seen this video a couple of years ago

(Source – this post at Jenny’s Procrastinating Donkey)

Things might have been a little more reassuring – fewer saggy baggy ill fitting masks

As from 11.59 pm last Friday evening here in Victoria

Face masks – when to wear a face mask

  • You are no longer required to wear a face mask in most indoor settings, but wearing a mask remains recommended.

You can read all the latest information about when you are required to wear one


Me?……they go just about everywhere with me and get worn whether ’required’ or not

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  1. You are right that it would have been very useful in 2020. Now I use K95 masks which loop over the ears instead of around the head like their more powerful cousin. I learned about them in church watching other people.

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    1. For most of these trying times I’ve just used blue disposable masks – which is why I’d seen this video about how to make them more ‘secure’ sooner. Now I’m using N95 which the nursing home provides for volunteers

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    1. Mine goes on the minute I get out of the car- yes we have ‘a Target’ here. The names the same but the one here began as a drapers store in a Victorian country town in 1926.

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    1. It’s such a simple trick that will make the mask more secure…..I realise it’s an American health video but I’m sure someone could’ve come up with something similar here


  2. I wear my masks most everywhere. They are required at hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. Mine have shorter ear bands that don’t require adjusting.

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    1. That’s handy, I’ve found the ear loops length varies from manufacturer to manufacturer….and the trick is to remember who’s you bought last time


  3. Not sure it would change the number of people here who wear them below the nose or as a chin sling, but definitely an improvement on the basic mask.

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  4. We still have to wear ours in shops and offices and inside our car on the car ferry. The latter is a bit weird. Summer is coming and we are expecting more relaxations. Around here many don’t bother following any rules, seat belts, crash helmets but for a law abiding citizen like me masks, crash helmets and seat belts are most important

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  5. I wear mine except when out side… and i don’t do crowds or resturants. thank you so much, will get one out and try to tie those knots. great video


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