Friday Fun..

In need of a bit of fun – Here’s some little riddles to think about

~ ~ ~

Question:- The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it?


Answer: Darkness

Question:- What word is pronounced the same if you take away four of its five letters


Answer: Queue

~ ~ ~

What month of the year has 28 days?

Answer: All of them

I’m always in front of you, but you can never see me. What am I?

Answer: The future

~ ~ ~

What can’t talk but will reply when spoken to?

Answer: An echo

What building has the most stories?

Answer: The library 

~ ~ ~

And here’s one to keep you guessing



Answer: A ton!

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun..

    1. When I was trying to have some fun with having more teeth out, I would write “teef” in a message. I loved talking teef but it appears I shouldn’t…got a grumpy message from a friend correcting my spelling. She couldn’t understand teef and she know I usually write proper spelt words!!…


    1. Riddles ‘are’ fun aren’t they. Your mind has to think outside the box to get the answer- then discover it’s obvious.


  1. It would be wonderful to forget the worries of the week…but, unfortunately, the week is endless it seems…

    I enjoyed your post…thanks for the brief respite! 🙂

    Take good care.

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