Tuesday was…..

A reminder that whether we like it or not Summer has finally been and gone
After a glorious warm and sunny Easter weekend it was all change

Yesterday – Tuesday – was wet….it rained…that strange rain that just hangs there and makes everything wet. Skies were grey and misty – cool, chilly but not really cold. We shouldn’t grizzle about the drizzle or is it mizzle….it hasn’t rained for a while, the ground is dry- very dry and thirsty. With a bit of luck it will encourage some green to wander over to the bare patch discovered when I cut back the gazania that had decided to ’make a move to freedom’ or maybe had decided it wanted long dangly curls instead of the short back and sides it was given before Christmas

Yesterday was when I glanced round a soggy garden remembering how inviting the little shady nook under those low branches had looked during the summer.

When it got hot on the deck I’d nip down there, book in hand, carrying cushions for the chairs and a cloth for the table. Food and drinks followed soon after.
Yesterday in the rain that white plastic table and chairs set looked old, tired and grotty

Next summer we’ll invest in new but what to do with the old?

After spending time moving from one craft blog to another researching I discovered that rather than just toss the chairs I could always do THIS…..👇

Knit decorative chair covers!

That would certainly use up a lot of my stash wouldn’t it😊😊

And if you’re really keen and the idea appeals there’s a pattern HERE.

It’s not a new idea, in fact if you look long and hard you’ll find there’s a whole world of them out there!


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  1. You could start, knitting a sleeve for a tree trunk…and then work on your chairs!

    Yesterday here started out real cold, on with my heating…gloomy looking. Arvo better but then it was muggy +++ and then it began to rain!
    This morning gloomy but not very cold, more that damp gloomy cold.
    Some cheerful groceries are coming, and hoping morning tea chocolate eclairs will come…fingers x-ed they don’t fall into “refund couldn’t supply OR a strange substitute” …. bane of online grocery shopping!
    Last order there were 8 substitute and one thing made absolutely no sense!!!!

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    1. Somehow I can’t see me as a tree bomber….I did look at the chair cover instructions and discovered that even though I’ve a lot of odd balls something tells me it’s not going to be enough- and there’s no way I’m buying more to sit there on the odd chance I might get the urge to knit one. Neat idea though!

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    1. I’m going to give that a go Tigger…..they aren’t that old, just a bit dirty. A brush and clean up is all they really need.


    1. It’s a neat idea but I think it would take an age to do….I’d get fed up after a while. Rows of over 100 stitches are not my idea of fun


  2. The chair looks very smart in its photo but I wonder how long that knitting would remain clean and fitting well. Not long in our house I’m afraid.

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    1. It’s a fun idea isn’t it – trouble is there’s no room for another chair in our house (one just to sit there and look pretty) and if I put it on the deck every cat in the neighbourhood would use it as their bed overnight.


    1. I’ve thought about it…and decided to leave it for someone else 😊. The chairs will get a good scrubbing and I might even try some car polish and see if that makes a difference

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  3. Here spring has finally sprung; after cold, windy, and frosty mornings Easter came with sun.
    I have the exact same chairs in my garden – it’s a small world. And I love your idea of a knit cover, onlyI’m afraid I would forget to bring it in once too often. But go for it 😀

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  4. Hello Charlotte….I’m hopeless at bringing in chair cushions and covers overnight – so I’m giving this a miss. I’d love to see a sample though but I don’t think it’s going to be one of mine


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