They never forget…

Volunteering is on again – as well as doing a Morning Tea ’run’ I also give a hand when there’s entertainment. No, not doing an all singing all dancing routine – just assisting, guiding, seating, reassuring, as well as enjoying whoever is on the bill.

Many of the residents have memory loss so can be a little lost at times, watching and listening, possibly not understanding – until something piques their interest, then their demeanour changes.

Last week we had a young man come in and sing a few songs, folk songs, show songs, some country some soft rock…..something for everyone.

But what really seemed to jog their memory – had many of them sitting taller – mouthing long forgotten words – was what he sang as his final number.
The Holy City – sung all over the world at Christmas as well as Easter

A favourite at Melbourne’s annual Carols By Candlelight – performed by David Hobson

I hope you enjoy my Musical Memory on this Easter Monday

15 thoughts on “They never forget…

  1. I didn’t recognize the song either, but then again other than Mall music never been to many festive concerts.

    I’ve no idea about what has returned in many of my worlds…so much in the senior sector still locked down. But my U3A group main meeting is on again…but wit “measures”. No just turning up but RSVP needed. So we can be spaced…plus seems we’ve got a shortage of returnees, so a membership drive is on. Our max 100.

    I’m just happy to have some mingling with people I was just getting to know last year…


    1. Like your U3A group, some of ours had us ‘book in’ to begin with. And yes there’s been lots of ‘no show not coming back this year’ as well. After doing so well NZ had a late setback when Omicron decided to visit…..I’m sure it’ll all come good for you.
      The official outlook here seems to be we must look after ourselves now, not put ourselves in harms way….trouble is ‘harm’ is still lurking out there without us knowing where.


  2. Ive heard that music/singing can form memories or emotions that spark long after dementia has taken the short term or day to day stuff away; and that it calms and brings joy to confused and frustrated minds. Good on you for getting back to it. In my youth my grandmother used to take me on her volunterring work with the bed-ridden and memory-challenged and always used to say ” there but for the grace of God…”


    1. It – visiting and assisting the residents – has been the one thing I missed more than anything during the past two years.


  3. the song is beautiful, so is his voice and it is new to me also… for 8 years I was a volunteer at a nursing home, and they always joined in on hymns that were familar ffrom there past..


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Gng. I have to say it’s a favourite of mine – I’ll admit to getting goosebumps when I hear it ….doesn’t matter whether I’m signing it with a choir or just listening to the many versions online….and I’ll even admit to having teary eyes 😊

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  4. I didn’t know that Carol but I do know how Good singing is for the brain. I once visited Mum after a singing session. Apparently she’d been singing her heart out about what she would do to the Drunken Sailor. The local U 3A seems to have finally got going again, most groups open now, but lots of no shows. I am enjoying joining in finally.

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  5. My husband used to lead nondenominational Christian worship services once a month in a nursing home. He was amazed when people suddenly woke up and sang old hymns with him. He can’t carry a tune but they got the drift and belted out along with the tapes he played. Some things really do stick.

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