Seen on a Sunday….

Shush – even though there might be tourists in town

Nothing stops siesta time in the square

Me in my small (warm) corner and you in yours

Sunday 19 October 2014

Republic Square near the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Monument 
Çesme Turkey
(pronounced CHESH-meh)

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14 Replies to “Seen on a Sunday….”

    1. I couldn’t help but snap them all as we walked through the square. The old man and the dogs certainly appeared comfortable with their life


  1. Ahhh the good old days when we could confidently make bookings for overseas
    Holidays and we were able to go and come home without any glitches
    Pretty pics


    1. As Yam mentioned- a moment in time captured. We’ve thought about travelling again but it’s oh so complicated, passports need renewing, insurance for our age group has shot up to unbelievable rates, covid not included, vaccinations needed – tests need on arrival in some countries plus ‘you know what’ is raging in places. Easier just to stay at home and cross your fingers when in a crowd


    1. We didn’t see a great deal EC – we were on a cruise so it was a day here and there….but what we did see we really enjoyed. Two days in Istanbul was the highlight


  2. Plans to visit Turkey while we lived in the region got well and Truly scuppered. Shame, as it’s a place I’d like to understand better.


    1. Perhaps you’ll be able to visit in a few years time F….Covid plus the crisis in Eastern Europe has definitely put a spanner in the works where Eastern European travel has been concerned. It can’t last for ever, maybe luck will be with you sometime in the future.


    1. It really was quiet Lee……besides myself and The Golfer in the square were the two ‘tourists’ taking photos, the man slumbering on a bench and the two sleeping dogs.
      I’m sure it was a busy place any other day of the week.


  3. On our walk today we passed a man who had taken off his shirt and was reclining on a park chair to soak up the sun. It would have been a priceless photo, but too invasive to take.

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    1. You’re right about judging whether it invades privacy or not however I did make sure the faces weren’t really visible before I took the photos – and I could have been photographing anything really.


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