Where do you get or I have one too….

A question bloggers often ask each other is – where do you get your ideas from- things to talk about, post about? Here there and everywhere is often the answer.

I’m tagging onto (pinching?) something Sandra at Madsnapper featured the other day – an idea she recently ’‘borrowed and adapted’ from a couple of other bloggers


A spoon rest is a piece of kitchenware that serves as a place to lay spoons and other cooking utensils, to prevent cooking fluids from getting onto countertops, as well as keeping the spoon from touching any contaminants that might be on the counter. source

So here is my ‘so not pioneer woman’ spoon rest – very similar in style to Sandra’s, complete with my very frequently used vintage British government issue tablespoon.

One of my contributions to recycling/reusing is a small stack of these plastic food trays that (in my case) minced chicken comes in. They get used for all sorts of things, a place to put spoons in use (or any other utensil) being one of them.

Maybe not as elegant and smooth as something purchased but free – if you discount the product that came with it. They come and go – one or two new ones in, one or two old ones out.
~ ~ ~ ~

The beautiful solid sensible looking tablespoon somehow found its way into my civilian kitchen when The Golfer was demobbed in 1968.
It’s certainly been a ’trusty servant’ since then!

The markings on the back are interesting

  • SIPELIA – the manufacturer who had the government contract

History – https://www.hawleysheffieldknives.com/n-fulldetails.php?val=s&kel=896

  • 18/8 stainless steel


  • The date it was made 1961 plus an arrow head signifying it was government property


  • I’ve no idea about the numerals 9424296 – possibly a design number.

So what do you use as a spoon rest…..or don’t you? What do you reuse or repurpose?


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  1. Hari OM
    Yeah, I’m a use the fruit/veg tray till it dies kinda gal too! That number on the spoon possible is a pattern number from the manufacturer, but I know that any military equipment is likely to have been stamped with a stock number, so it may also be that. (Yes even the cutlery got stamped – my late aunt was a WAAF working the catering corp and recall a ‘keepsake’ item or two in her drawers. Kitchen, that is…;~p YAM xx

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  2. I’ve never had a spoon rest, never had a spare space. And my favorite stirrers are bamboo cutlery… if I need to add anything, usually my ladle or sprinkle via my fingers. Throw the utensils in the sink, wipe down my minimal bench.

    “Pioneer Woman” is a brand, which Ann T is a collector and user of. I guess we all collect things. Long ago there was a pretty strawberry patterned dinnerware, with add ons but I don’t seem to have any now. And many people collect the Willow pattern ware.

    Most of my blogging comes through my personal life.

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  3. Knowledge of spoon rests comes from cooking. I have no knowledge about spoon rests.
    I’ve mentioned this before but in my childhood there was a couple of pieces of cutlery with VR on them. My father said they belonged to his mate Victor Richards. We accepted that and did not work out for years that the letters stood for Victorian Railways.

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  4. I have a spoon rest that belonged to my late mother in law. Otherwise I use a plate or saucer or whatever is handy.
    I am not as resourceful as you with plastic but use what I can as rubbish receptacles.

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  5. I’ve had many neat spoon holders over the years. Currently I only reheat in the microwave, and any utensil that is dirtied goes to a vacant cup holder in my walker until I clean up everything at the sink.

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  6. My spoon rest came from ye Greek gift shoppe from one of our many holidays. I suspect it was supposed to be an ashtray but its the perfect size for spoons, and I wash it up so its totally reusable..

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  7. from your post and the comments, there are a lot of us that reuse containers that things come in. I do what you do, get new recycle the old. My ideas are all over the place on my MadSnapper, it can be anything anywhere that will trigger a post.. no rhyme or reason to what I post, on Beaus blog its all about dogs and my beloved best boy

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  8. I have an absolutely beautiful spoon rest for large cooking spoons but I rarely pull it out of the drawer to use unless I’m thinking ahead of how long that pot will be cooking on the stove and need to be stirred multiple times. Usually I pull a papertowel off and just rest the utensil Im using on that.

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  9. At least your spoon is still spoon shaped. My grandmother wore out about a third of her favorite pot stirring spoon. I guess we ate that bit. Mum used those plastic things to pz kage the contributions when community events were ‘ladies, a plate please to cover the catering.

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  10. I never used a spoon rest, never even knew it was a thing, I just wipe my counter before – and after – cooking 😉
    That spoon is as old as me 😀
    Like Tiggers Honeys Grandmother I have half a wooden spoon in the drawers, suppose we ate the rest, yes, and like Cedar 51 I also often use cooking chopsticks.
    My blogging ideas come from things I see, read and hear. bloggers, papers, nature, frineds and family … And now for the A-Z Challenge even from a Random Word Generator.

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  11. Came over via EC and am happy to see you again. My spoon rest is often a piece of paper towel which then ends up in the green waste bin and from there it becomes compost.

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  12. I use the counter as a spoon rest! I like the idea of a separate one, but I am afraid I would just see it as one more thing to wash. I already have to wipe the counter because I am a pretty messy cook.


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