Do you record….

It always seemed a very pretentious thing to do.
Photograph your handiwork
I would knit and sew – then gift without another thought about what I’d given.
Just a hope the person would like it.

Then this photo was forwarded to me.
Taken at a friend’s granddaughter’s christening tea.
Me – baby Tamika – and the embroidered wool blanket – my gift to the newborn.
The thank you card mentioned having a pictorial record of the love I’d put into making something.
So from then on that’s what I’ve done.

Kept a ‘pictorial record’ of my doings….as well as notes and little sketches.
lol I must have bored you silly over the years bombarding you with pictures of all my charity knits – – Case in point being the workings out for little red cardigan from a year ago –….and then the photo when it was finished –

I can assure you there’s lots more plus the notes I’ve kept about the type of wool used, colour, brand and how much it weighed when finished. It’s handy to have if you’ve got odd balls lying around… you some idea on what to do with the stash – the one conveniently ’tucked away’ in various places inside as well as outside the house 😊

Apart from The Golfer’s sampler (still in progress – it didn’t get finished for Christmas) I’ve given up on cross stitch. These two nearly cost me my sanity!

Letter B and Letter B revisited

Wedding sampler1 and Wedding sampler2

Which brings me to this – a ’seemed like a good idea at the time’ embroidered wool blanket – as the intended baby turned out to be a boy another gift had to be given – so it’s been in hiding for a few years now.

When finished I could gift it to a friend’s expected great granddaughter – or I could gift it unfinished, along with the instructions and materials to the same friend’s granddaughter……the expectant mother…a very ‘crafty’ young woman….who has shown interest in the project and would willingly finish it. Somehow I think the second option is what will happen – I’m happy looking back at this photo knowing I sewed a lot of love into my part of it ❤️❤️

How about you? I know many of us keep notes on books read but do you keep them on gifts given…..handmade or otherwise?

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  1. Hari OM
    I do record things, but perhaps not quite so detailed – mainly just images. If it goes on the blog, then there’s a bit more… This is what Ravelry was set up for, of course, and it is quite good for that… YAM xx


  2. I’ve got old notebooks with patterns I’ve altered or improvised but all else I make note of are the needle sizes. I try to take photos of most of my creations but often forget. I’ve got a ravelry page with a lot of them in the projects page. I usually differ from patterns and use whatever colours, weights I have on hand. Wool and sed to be hard to find.
    I used to love cross-stitch but haven’t anything inany years besides a home sweet home.
    Look be seeing your creations


  3. I never used to but did keep a small album of patchwork quilt photos as they had all been given away and i had a policy of only making them for babies – so each one is a friend’s or family baby. More recently someone put me onto Ravelry and i do stick most projects on there now for my own reference. Occasionally i want to recall what pattern i used or the modifications I made (it seems I always do) sometime later and it has a place for private notes. Sewing never got (never gets) recorded unless I’m short of blog-fodder; goodness knows how many thousands of items I’ve churned out over the years.
    Keep recording and sharing. Very few if any things are genuinely original – so much of human creativity is inspired by seeing, adapting, building on, the creativity of others.


  4. I’ve never thought to document what I have made
    Although I guess I kinda do that on my blog.
    If I did keep pics of everything I make. I don’t think I’d have an space left on my cloud lol


  5. When my boys were little I made sure I took a photo of them wearing all the jumpers Mum made them. I do take photos of everything, but no notes, nor do I print them.


  6. I haven’t kept photos of the stitch work I gave away. I can see now that it would have been a good idea. At least my home is full of work I kept for myself.


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