Playing the waiting game…

(Also playing the ’hunt through photo folders’ – these are from 2016)

At that time there were lots of local shoppers who always brought their dogs along
Walk – Shop – Kill two birds with one stone

And of course the dogs had to wait outside the shops.

I remember watching these two as I waited for a friend who’d popped back into the supermarket – their owner had just tied them both to the railings and left them with kisses and reassuring pats.
 ‘I’ll only be a couple of minutes she said, You’ll be ok.’

Somehow I don’t think the ‘big’ one believed her

Where the h*** is she?  
A couple of minutes she said!  I’m sure we’ve been here that time already,

She’s nowhere in sight!  She knows I like my lunch dead on time.

All this from the ‘big’ one – the ‘older’ one just sat there, waiting patiently, looking a bit resigned, tolerating his mates whinging – knowing she’d be along sometime and they’d both get fed when they got home 🙂

Unfortunately I had to leave…..I still wonder how they reacted when she got back and feel a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see the reception on her return!

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9 Replies to “Playing the waiting game…”

  1. There is a homeless man who sits with his dog outside our local shopping centre. When he leaves his post the dog (and his begging bowl) remain. I think that more money goes into that bowl in his absence. And yes, the dog greets him with joy – each and every time.


  2. I’d worry so much if I left Trixie tied up I’d come back to find her gone
    She has got a proper doggie pram maybe I could smuggle her in using that lol


  3. If I left our two tied up outside a shop Murphy would whinge the place down. Jinx would sit stoically. Two large german shepherds would result in them being loved on by those who know shepherds or a security call by those who don’t!


  4. We used to have a tiny dog who went everywhere. We’d tell him if he had to lie in the bottom of his bag because “they” don’t want you here or if he could hang over the edge and watch the world go byl


  5. Well with dogs like that, the owner would have to say goodbye before leaving. They are probably too old to be stolen (I hope)


  6. Hari Om
    This is a lovely little moment to remember, Cathy – and thank you so much for joining in the final Friday of the month fun!!! Yes, it is exactly right for FFF. YAM xx


  7. Don’t they look miserable? Shops in Copenhagen actually had a line of closeable hooks on the wall outside for hitching dogs to. That amused us.


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