And so it goes….

The world is turning……the autumn equinox is upon us – about 3.30am tomorrow – March 21st

Equal day & night – well almost 😊

The sun rose at 7.22am this morning and will set 7.33pm this evening

And if I hadn’t turned around in the supermarket I would’ve missed this 👇

It must be a recent addition because I’ve never seen it before

Similar – not quite the same as last week’s

Pull up a seat can be found HERE ~

7 Replies to “And so it goes….”

  1. Mostly sunny, feels like 23o. Enjoy your good weather . Sit outside on one of those benches. Brilliant recycling


  2. Good to see recycled plastic put to good use. The problem continues to be that so little is recycled and so much finds its way into the oceans of the world.


  3. There is a good deal of recycled plastic outdoor furniture available here. Having a source of finished materials probably is a big factor.


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