On my mind…

Is the fact that last week I whinged about seasonal changes and then the ’season’ did a u-turn and became all summery again.
Very warm days – warm nights – certainly not autumnal at all.

And with petrol prices soaring far higher than I’ve ever known It’s become an almost daily mind game wondering how far can we stray from home ‘just for a cup of coffee’

Our treat this week was coffee with friends at the one place I never complain about ~ the shady spots in the gardens of ~ ‘ this lovely little chocolate shop’ ~

~ which at Montrose ~ is really really close to home 😊

Also on my mind ~ is the prediction that ~

those lovely cups of coffee could rise in price to about $7 by the end of the year ☹️

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  1. We are still in winter, amazingly and discouraging enough. By mid-March we are supposed to be near spring. Someone forgot to tell the weather. As for gas and coffee, driving to get a cup is definitely now a luxury here too.

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    1. It’s still over $2AUD a litre so unless we’re doing other things while we’re out it’s going to be Make Your Own type at home for a wile now


    1. When we’re ’travelling’ we use a flask but these coffees are when we’re meeting up with others – we don’t stop if we’re out and about by ourselves, just wait until we’re back home and put the kettle on then.

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  2. It’s getting crazy hubby just fuelled my car and it was almost ninety dollars!
    And it wasn’t even close to empty.

    I worry for those with gib mortgages and children to raise. It’s going to be tough for the foreseeable future


    1. I’ve often mentioned that point (families, feeding, mortgages etc) to the people manning my supermarket check out tills…..some can relate and tell me their stories- others (usually young ones) just seem to get annoyed, shrug their shoulders saying ‘I don’t set the prices’. I often wonder which manager is coaching them

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  3. For the first time in a long, long time I am thinking about the most economical route and how many things can be done in one trip. I remember Hahndorf had a shop opposite Wattle Park. Not sure if it’s still there. Great chocolates.


  4. according to some news article here, (NZ) coffee should be at least Ten Bucks a Cup! I can’t drink coffee, and yes I tried to have the other day here at home, it’s still a “no” but that’s okay.


  5. I saw the story about the coffee price hike. $7 is a lot but I usually only buy coffee, nothing else, which means it’s still a very small amount of money for a little treat.
    Being unemployed means I don’t have to go places and I don’t need to spend on fuel. When I did fill up it was about $30 more than usual!


  6. I once took a little study of the change of the price of oil in Singapore, where our figures come and the price of petrol and there seemed little connection between a small rise in the barrel price and the price of petrol here. Someone or some company is profiteering from world instability.

    $7 coffee is alarmist but we have heard the forecast and we will be grateful if it only rises to $6.


  7. You’re frightening me!! No coffee at the coffee shop, huge rise in the cost of coffee. That’s the end of Greek culture!!
    We will be using scooters and my quad bike instead of the car for sure but we live up in the hills and biking or walking to the harbour is not an option. So far coffee prices have not noticeably increased. Crossed fingers and toes that they never go so high we can’t afford a coffee, or a glass of wine


  8. I very rarely venture far from my humble little abode…just my trip to the local supermarket, usually only once a week. This week it’s been twice. I’ll have to break that habit! 🙂

    I very rarely go out for coffee…I’m a hermit, by choice, so 99.9% of the time the coffee is I have I make here at home for myself.

    I use very little petrol, therefore…in my little vehicle. Every couple of months or so I top it up…and each top up costs me only $20.00. I’m a creature of habit, I guess. But that is me….:)


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