Yesterday – the day before today

I often think about what I did Yesterday
about the things I did do and those I should have done

Then I remember that little saying my Mum 
would sometimes come out with 

Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery. 
But today is a gift, and that’s why it is called the present’

That’s when any ‘should’ve’ thoughts and feelings disappear

~ ~ ~ ~

Then of course there are
Yesterdays or Yesteryears – A former period of time or of one’s life

Working on Family Histories makes you mindful of Yesterdays 
The yesterdays I’m interested in are
The past days and years that were lived by my and The Golfer’s family
No matter what was said or done in the past
those Yesterdays and Yesteryears will always be of interest to me

~ ~ ~ ~

So what did I do Yesterday – the day before today?

I listened to a favourite rendition of Yesterday
Yesterday when I was young’
sung here by Charles Aznavour

I found many Yesterdays listed here 👉

~ ~ ~ ~

And I lunched on boiled eggs with great big Yellow Yolks and some Yogurt along with the last of the Yellow peaches

I enjoyed my Yesterday – how was yours?

6 Replies to “Yesterday….”

  1. Yesterday was great! We woke up Sunday morning from the last (hopefully) frigid night of our winter (-14C, windchill -19C). The temperature rose steadily all day to a high of -5C. We are on our way to spring!


  2. Yesterday, Monday caused the rest of this week to become busy.

    Although at this point only 3 events…although not like going to a festival.

    Yesterday, was the start of putting things away, and generally tidying up. Today I will shift some objects completely out if view…!read! hid things under my bed and put a throw on it that reaches the floor!

    Also sort out other things for Thursday when “junk to be collected” …

    But that’s today and it’s in preparation of both tomorrow and the following day…


  3. Ah, the last of your summer peaches. We are just 6 months from that occurring here. For now, I await the fresh fruit. I know it’s coming because we keep seeing pictures of the beautiful blossoms that are dressing the trees that cover this valley’s floor. So much good fruit to come. I look forward with much anticipation to summer and its bounty. As for yesterday, church in the morning, reading in the afternoon. Life is exquisite right now in this ‘between’ season.


  4. Like Maggie we finally woke up to sunshine. I washed my hair in water warmed by the solar heater, went shopping and saw other people. All is well. The present day is another gift. More sunshine!!


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