Seen on a Sunday

Nearly 11 years ago – Sunday August 14th 2011 to be precise

Was the first time I saw THIS

Turned into

See below 👇

Seen near the car park at the Cedar Creek Falls
between Proserpine and Airlie Beach
in the Whitsundays 

~ ~ ~ ~

Then just one year later – Sunday August 26th 2012
Near the old Cafe on Flagstaff Hill Bowen
Far North Queensland

More of the Whitsunday’s Recycling Scheme

Two different styles of the bench this time – the simple one above and this one with formed back and small table structure in front.  Perfect place for your cool drink while taking in the view

Did you know

The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.

Cafe and Lookout on Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ (2012)

(2017 saw ex tropical cyclone Debbie pass through)

~ ~ ~ ~

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14 Replies to “Seen on a Sunday”

  1. This is just so cool! I wish more plastic could go into useful products instead of in landfills or the ocean. Our beaches are littered with them.


    1. I wonder if Hawaii has a similar scheme but it’s not publicised. Often it’s economically unviable for some schemes to work.
      We had/have redeemable deposits on plastic water bottles- lots of children (and hard up adults) collect them which helps with some of the litter.


  2. How I wish more recycling was done. It’s a long process. We have some plants near us that use recycled plastic.


  3. Our marina pontoon decking was made of recycled plastic (central London) the only drawback was accummulation of static electricity, which would zap you when you touched hand rails and boats. It was really bad if you wheeled a bike down to your boat.


  4. this is amazing info and I had no idea of any of it.. i think we have bus benches but not sure, they look like this. about the leggins, i always wear a shirt that is just below my butt. even thin butts do not look great in leggins


    1. We have to keep at it – encourage not get annoyed when it doesn’t happen. It’s great when industry makes little promos like the ones featured on the site – making the public aware of what ‘can’ happen to recycled plastic and other waste.

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