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Well, at the rate our nights are cooling off I’m wondering how long it’ll be before I have to bring the woollen blankets out of summer storage. And then how long before the Doona joins them for those ’OMG it’s bl**dy cold’ nights

(it’s surprising what you can unknowingly ’capture’ when you’re lying in bed playing with your iPad on a cold Winter’s morning in 2021 😊)

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  1. I got an electric mattress pad from WalMart a few years ago. Heat rises, right, so it warms ME, not the top of me and the air like an electric blanket. We’re supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow in K.C. tonight. Linda in Kansas


  2. I love good old fashioned blankets. We will bring out our winter doona soon and the husband will no doubt add a blanket or two on his side!


  3. Here I am looking forward to kicking off the winter wool blankets and the long underwear! Of course it has been snowing all day here so it won’t be any time soon.


  4. I’m for a doona and feathers. How I miss my best cat who would come from a block away when she heard the feathers hit the bed.

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  5. This winter we have a set of kittens who have taken up residence here, moving into the house just as cold weather set in. Two of them sleep cuddled up with me in bed and it has been so nice to have them. Who knew!


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