Little changes….

Just like their Gt Grandma, Little B and Little M enjoy time at the beach

Little M, our Christmas babe from 2020 is now one year old and walking – Little B, no longer little, recently turned 5 and started ’big school’ a few weeks ago.

Little B will soon be turned into a young boy when his mumma gathers up the courage to have his long curls cut. I wonder if she will cry, just like his Gt Grandad The Golfer’s mumma did when she had his curls cut and turned him into a (younger) little boy.

The Golfer aged 2yrs

No watching the waves this week for those two little tykes up above – they live in Brisbane and have been watching water of a different kind.
In case you weren’t aware there’s been a huge weather event up there this week with many towns and areas along the eastern coast of Qld and NSW being flooded


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  1. It’s been terrible seeing all the devastation u0 north
    Hope your family is safe
    Are you there?


  2. Yes, I’ve seen some awful pictures of the flooding damage.
    I hope we see an after picture of the haircut. The after side will be fine.


  3. I hope your family in Brisbane suffered no flooding…no damage, no loss. The past few days certainly have been horrendous. Such massive devastation and heartache.

    Fortunately here where I live in South-East Qld we were spared the flooding, but not the deluges. A huge tree fell across the dead-end lane on which I dwell…just out from my cabin, late Friday afternoon. No damage done…just cut off access and egress. I immediately phone the council because nobody could get through. The wonderful crew arrived within a couple of hours…worked in the rain and dark to chop the fallen tree up, and move the remains off to the side of the road.

    It’s difficult to fathom how those affected by the floods cope…mentally and physically. Let’s hope their lives soon get back on track….somehow…


  4. Reminds me of my grandson and his gorgeous curls. Such a shame they have to go.
    Hope everyone is drying out now.


  5. Mr B has a daughter with blond curly hair – who HATES her hair so much she has nearly destroyed it over the years with straightening it out one way or another.


  6. I saw some photos online on how much water was in some places, as high as a roofline of some houses which possibly means they were in a valley of some type…
    So hard to understand the natural environment around us -when the “you know what” is causing havoc to ordinary humans – nature has just continued on…


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