S’now secret…..

You must have heard me mention that warm weather is my friend
I don’t do Winter

When the weather cools down I want to run away and hibernate

So this is my preferred way to pass the time

At the beach doing nothing 😊

Hook Island Qld

For a few years when I was a very little girl we lived on the south coast of England and almost daily visited the stony pebble beach at Southsea
Mum said I loved it, never wanted to leave and would be a handful on the way home 

Seemingly I knew what I liked even at that age lol

With the winter Olympics finishing up soon
I think its a good time to reveal something to you

There was one week in early February 1961 – (I know -thats a very long time ago)

When I had the time of my life and even enjoyed the cold weather

Doing what you say

Skiing – says I 

– yes – 

Snow Skiing ⛷⛷

Dad was serving with the RAF in Cyprus at the time – so as a family we were living in the beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

The youth club went to the Troodos Mountains for a few days

And here for your amusement is Catherine practising for the down hill event 

Bet you never thought you’d see me frolicing in that cold white stuff lol


10 Replies to “S’now secret…..”

  1. Smiling. It is no secret that I DO like winter. One of my brothers skis every year (and in times past went overseas too do more of it). I went skiing once. And discovered I ski a lot faster face down than I do upright.


  2. I like autumn when there is this sense that a change is coming…the humidity is dimming and there are less northerly winds from the tropical Pacific.

    I’m not fond of spring because it tends to jump about too much…springing both into deep winter and sizzling summer.

    I’m much happier in the other 2 seasons if I can stay home with the reverse fixed heat/cooling pump. Thank-you tenancy act, making it compulsory for at least the living room!

    When I was a child we lived an hour away from Central Plateau ski fields but it was soon found that I couldn’t balance on the skis but Sally went most weekends.


  3. Southsea (so close to our home in Havant) not many outsiders would know that beach. Ive seen it from onshore and off. Even snow has its attractions in the right place and in the right clothes.


  4. Always thought we might like to live out our retirement in a small picturesque ski resort but after long term damage to the knees from overdoing it on the slopes, the dream has shifted to the beach too.


  5. I spent a year at boarding school in Littlehampton. I remember going to the beach and being somewhat perturbed but the stones. The beaches in Hong Kong (where my family was) were always sandy. Now I’m in Oz I am proud to say we have the best beaches in the world.


  6. I also was blown away by discovering that the famous Brighton Beach in the UK had stones instead of sand! I thought all beaches were covered in sand so was shocked again many years later to stand on an island beach off Queensland. A coral beach really is made of coral. Ouch!


  7. I didn’t even know Cyprus had snow. I’m in an Autumn person. You must remember skiing quite well. I’ve only ever ridden a car tyre tube downhill at Mount Baw Baw, my local childhood snow.


  8. Fortunately, up this way where I live…south-east Qld, this summer hasn’t been very hot. We had a couple of very hot days a couple of weeks ago, but overall, this summer has been mild compared to past ones. And I’m not complaining…this summer’s temps I’ve enjoyed.

    I’m a recluse come spring, summer, autumn and winter! 🙂 I am enjoying the Winter Olympics. The competitors are incredible. I don’t know how they do it…how they have the guts to do it!! 🙂

    Take good care, Cathy. 🙂


  9. I could live happily without winters, but we live in New England so it is not happening. At least we don’t have the alligators and snakes that thrive in the south of the United States where many move to avoid winters. I will take snow over alligators any day.


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