How one leads to another…


Every little bit helps


If I continue to do little things like this

I will then be able to afford big things like this

Lilydale 6 February 2022

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    1. Yes I kid myself I’m saving enough money to afford the exorbitant cost of petrol – wonder if the bus fares will rise as well? Going to be shanks pony for us all very soon.😊

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  1. Your blog is funny but the situation isn’t
    Everything is expected to go up and not by little amounts
    I fear for the younger generation who have huge mortgages and children to raise
    I’ll be ok. I don’t go far in my car and I can pretty much live off what I produce here at home
    I even have enough yarn to keep me going for a while yet lol
    That’s apocalypse planing right there

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    1. There’s been little rises here and there for a while now Angela- each time I pay at the till I seem to remark about not being much food for the amount I paid and how I’d not like to be raising a family these days.
      This petrol hike was enormous- we’ve had the weekly up/down cycles for years but nothing like this one….50¢ a litre in some suburbs.
      And I hear you on the yarn stash😊


    1. It’s been up and down like a brides nightie recently but this in one heck of a jump. Guess I’ll continue doing lots of errands all on the same day


  2. Prices are increasing everywhere, it appears. That is if the product is even available. Or there is someone to provide the service. I read an article today about Starbucks closing various stores for various amounts of time. Getting supplies. Keeping workers healthy. Making upgrades. It’s all getting more and more difficult. Terry was told at the pet food store today that Friskies has shuttered two of its plants making it harder to get the product to stores like PetSmart.

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    1. We tend to forget our animals need to be fed as well….and on a lighter note there’s nothing worse than trying to get a a cat to eat a different brand or flavour of food….that tense feeling as they sniff then walk away stays with owners for hours 😊

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  3. Can you remember all the way back to the seventies, when the gas was controlled by the Arabs and went over a dollar a gallon in the US and our tanks couldn’t register it? Lines for miles in the streets.

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    1. Yes that happened here as well – we only had the one car then and The Golfer was working very local so we weren’t affected as much as others.

      And on another note even if you can afford it (or not) the sight of the numbers going up and up as you’re pumping at the bowser isn’t good for anyones health


      1. Ever since Hurricane Katrina, I am diligent to keep my gas tank filled, cash in my pocket, and my passport up to date, all in case I have to flee. Silly? Probably, but I’m ready, just in case.

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  4. We’ve always turned our bottles upside down like that but I’d never equated it to saving money! I thought we were doing it to make them easier to rinse whilst eeking out as much as possible. Now you’ve made me analyse the habit I realise that as well as the saving on the contents it must be reducing our water consumption and bill for that too. My, I’m going to be able to skip to that petrol station shortly!

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  5. F says we have to learn to ride a horse. I’m wondering if that’s like riding my Donkey. You should start a blog chain of the maddest frugal thing you did this month….I’ll start it off with F cutting the top of the empty toothpaste tube to get the last bit stuck at the top. All our sauce bottles (and olive oil cans) look like yours. The manufacturers should stick the labels on the other way up.

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