Sometimes I don’t know why I let myself in for doing things the way I do.
Maybe it’s because I really do want to help yet forget how ’annoyed’ I become when I realise others aren’t pulling their weight.

Remember ‘The Green Beanie Christmas Tree – yes, it was only one month (5 weeks) ago it was suggested – other members were all for it so I set aside my reluctance to knit ’big things’ and began. Completed several and cast on again

Then news comes through that several in the group have ’dropped out’ preferring to make other items……but ……if we follow the suggested timeline set out in the leader’s ‘revised spreadsheet’ (even if it means each of us have to knit more) the tree should be stocked in time!

This is now beginning to sound like a full time production line – not just volunteers knitting some donations of winter hats for the homeless and displaying them on a tree shaped frame.

My suggestion to make the tree smaller was not well received……

Lets just say the thrill of this venture has worn off. I’ve misplaced my long needles and am getting fed up losing stitches off the end of the needles……there are over 100 in all!

I’m beginning to lose interest in knitting these green beanies. There, I’ve said it!

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  1. I admire your fortitude!
    The beanie is beautiful, and the recipient will never know the difficulties along the journey from yarn to warmth.
    Perhaps the group could expand to include crocheted hats, spread the work load out a bit more.

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    1. You’re right about ‘mixing it up’ Maggie…unfortunately because this is a knitting group knitted they must be! Don’t ask 😊


    1. Yes I really think smaller is definitely better – this has just reinforced my thoughts that as far as groups go it’s often the higher you are in the pecking order rather than what you are willing to do that earns the brownie points!

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  2. All the people who sign up and then announce they’ve loaned out all their needles and cannot get them back. I’d come in with a one hat tree.

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  3. Try circular needle? F has several different lengths with points the screw on and end caps that screw on too and it is much harder for me to pull the knitting off the points now. She knits all her jumpers round and round these days – she hasn’t yet gone so far as cutting steeks into them to make armholes (so front and back are knitted straight from armholes up), but after she has grafted the shoulders the sleeves get knitted round and round from armholes down. Can you tell she really hates the sewing up bit of knitting? xxx Mr T

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    1. Tigger tell F circular needles and Catherine just do not get on. I’ve got oodles of them yet I dislike them intensely. There’s something about the shortness of the tips that ‘freaks me’.
      My mother – a great knitter in her day – tried steeking once and only once – we were old enough to know how stressed she was as she stood there scissors in hand……never again she said 😊


      1. That’s about how F feels regarding steeks. She had however taught herself the knit like her Norwegian friend (yarn carried on her left hand and sort of hooked through tge stitches by the needle in the right hand) which makes knitting with circle needles a whole different experience.


    1. That’s quite true Cathy…I’ll honour my side of the bargain (knit what green I have and no more) then leave it up to the others. I’m hoping it doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth of the group but that’s the rub


  4. Kinda why we just do our own thing and send out when we have bulk items
    Hospitals love baby things and the salvos have their winter blankets for the homeless
    So we just do what we can. It all helps without making it into a job

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    1. That’s the usual way this group works Angela- hopefully they’ll think twice before coming up with large communal projects again. Not good for friendship


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