We have one in our street….

But no one knows who it is!

There is a rotating system for bin collection

Solid green bin (household waste) every week

Yellow lidded (recycling) one week – Green lidded (garden waste) the following

Garden waste week!

Late Sunday afternoon you will see some neighbours glancing up and down the street

You can almost hear the voices in their heads – Yellow or Green – Which one is it?

Then all of a sudden one set of bins is on the nature strip – closely followed by more

All lined up like soldiers (or Daleks) in battle formation

Ready to be upended the next morning – then dumped unceremoniously on the ground

Most weeks the lid colours match- some weeks there is one that doesn’t
Oh dear the kids down the street have got it wrong again – pocket money will suffer

The Golfer deals with ours – “which bin” he constantly asks
“Which one did you put out last week “ is the answer.
Often followed by ”which one is half empty”

Then I’ll smile and suggest he checks the chart on the fridge
That way I know ours is correct 😊

There was fun and games not long ago.

Pick up after Christmas Person #1 got it wrong.
LOTS of wrong coloured bin lids lined the street – it was garden waste not recycling

There was a flurry of activity when neighbours who had put out bins with yellow lids (and happened to be home) saw the green waste truck going by, it was quite a sight seeing some of them struggling across the road with their green coloured ones, pulling them up on to the opposite nature strip in time for when the truck returned to deal with the other side of the street.

Yes we have a bin-influencer in our street – but we have no idea who he/she is

Influencer :~ Someone who affects or changes the way that others behave source


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  1. Very entertaining! 🙂
    I couldn’t see any sidewalks in the image, is that your street? We have no sidewalks and have to walk on the roadway when we go for a walk. The road is narrow and in the winter it is extremely narrow with high snow banks and no place to get out of the way of traffic. Still, there is a constant stream of pedestrians out for a walk, there are no other options. I consider our street and the new development at the end of our street, to be extremely poorly planned. Seniors and speeding cars are a bad mix.

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  2. Heavens to Betsy what a conundrum. I won’t be complaining about our ‘dump by the rubbish bins and hope it’ll disappear ‘ system. I’d sure to be one of those running out with the right bin at the last moment.


  3. A neighbour told me that she watches to see what I put out – and follows suit.
    One of our other neighbours puts out all three every collection day. Which obviously works for her.
    Himself cannot remember. So yes, he asks me. Each and every week.


  4. When we used to visit my mother on a Thursday, we would put the appropriate bin out for her, only guided by the colour of the other bins in the busy street. At times so many had the wrong bin out I wasn’t able to work out which bin to put out.


  5. Not only is collection of our bins alternated week by week, but general waste is a Monday one week and recycling and garden waste on a Tuesday the following week. As you can imagine the scope for errors and entertainment are doubled!


  6. I put coloured stickers on our calendar but still get asked each week, “Which bin?” No way would we keep up with the system at Caree’s place.


  7. Ah yes, it happens here, too. I don’t know who our influencer is.
    Bringing the bins back in is like a sport, too. Are the bins still languishing 48 hours after collection mine? No, ours are where they should be. But wait, someone brought the wrong ones. Dave next door has a habit of stealing bins. I don’t think it’s intentional, I think he has a few beers and forgets what he’s done


  8. Sounds like a trashy neighborhood soap opera. Just had to say that. Could tape the pick up pattern to the lid of each bin, or under the lid of each bin. Some K.C. areas are not having trash pick-up at all this week, so the driver’s can join the snow plow crews! Linda in cold snowy Kansas


  9. Our ‘bin service’, or ‘lack of bin service’, has been conspicuously absent since Christmas. Consequently, the area is a danger zone if you don’t like stepping over trash piled every which way around the bins. But never mind, this only happens on extended breaks, such as Christmas. The rest of the time, everyone is on their best behavior!


  10. Next week is our two-bin week up this way.

    It’s never a big deal…because there are only five premises on this short lane. 🙂


  11. Oh, my…that all sounds so ridiculous. Why don’t ALL the trucks roll on the same day? Our city is divided into 6 pickup zones, one zone for each day of the week. Long ago we had 2x a week pickup, but the city got larger and the once a week began. We have three large rolling bins–1 for garden trash, 1 for recyclables, and 1 for household trash. Some weeks we don’t put all 3 cans out, especially the green waste can during the winter when we do little gardening.

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  12. We have a two-bin system, green (bio-degradables) and red (all what can’t be recycled) . We have long ago solved the “which bin?” problem by situating both bins at the edge of the road. We have to walk some extra steps taking out the trash, but we never ever will not have our bin emptied. A s we have a compost heap and chicken, the green one is almost always only one quarter full or less. Paper, metal, glass, plastics and batteries are carried by hand to a central place in our village. Electronics and dangerous compounds should be taken to the other side of a larger town, to a ‘handling place’ there.
    And funnily our bins look exactly the same as yours.


  13. Mr B is the one with coloured marks on a calendar in our house. F just looks out to see what the neighbour two along has done – he is very organized. There is no one across the road so the rubbish trucks only go one way…..

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  14. I have to laugh — This post reminds me of the days when we lived in San Diego and would hurry to drag our trash can across the street to be picked up. LOL These days, we get one chance and that’s it because we live in a cul-de-sac. The trucks make one trip around and if you haven’t got your can out, it has to wait until the week following!

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